Where is the city of Sochi located?

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Geographical diversity on the surface of the Earth

Geographical diversity on the surface of the earth is from the blessings of God Almighty, where we see mountainous areas and flat areas, and some areas through which rivers pass or lakes are located in them, as the climate diversity created the differences between these regions in terms of weather, vegetation, and animal conditions, so there are Some of the areas that enjoy great advantages for tourism and treatment, and one of these areas is the city of Sochi.

The city of Sochi

Its location

The city of Sochi is located in the southern part of Russia, where it is located in the Russian region of Krasnodar, and extends approximately 150 km on the Black Sea, and it is one of the most famous Russian cities that are highly visited by tourists, whether to enjoy its beautiful scenery and wonderful weather or for treatment.

Its history

Sochi is one of the ancient cities with a long history. Studies and fossils in which it was found indicate that the population settled in it for more than one hundred thousand years, and when the war between Russia and Turkey ended, the two countries agreed that the lands located from the estuary of the Copan River to the fortress of St. Nikolai It is a land belonging to the Russian state, and the city of Sochi was distinguished as a region of rest and relaxation, as it was considered a sanctuary since 1872 AD, and then therapeutic interest began in it since 1934 AD.

Construction and development continued in the city on all sides and over the years, as with the beginning of the twentieth century construction of summer buildings, hotels, sanatoriums and resorts has begun.

Its climate

The city of Sochi has a distinct climate throughout the year. The weather is warm and does not reach the stages of extreme cold, because the mountains in the north prevent the sea breeze from blowing and protecting it from cold air fronts, and the presence of the sea to its south gives it a warm climate, so the tourist sees only three seasons in The year is summer, spring, and autumn, and there is no cold winter.

Tourism in it

Sochi has many resorts visited by tourists for treatment. There are sources of mineral water that are used for topical treatment through bathing or drinking it, and the city’s air is considered the purest in the world, and ozone is available in a very large proportion greater than any air. Another region, and there is also the breathtaking nature that fascinates spectators and attracts them to spend a warm and beautiful summer. Also, due to its long history, there are some historical monuments such as the castle of “Good Lake” and the Temple of “Lu”.


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