Where is the city of Stuttgart?

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German state of Baden-Württemberg

The State of West Germany is a federal republic consisting of sixteen federal states, with Berlin as its capital, and among its most important states are Bavaria, Bremen, Hamburg, and Baden-Württemberg. The state of Baden-Württemberg is a state located in the south of the country, bordered to the north by the state of Hesse, bordered to the east by the state of Bavaria, to the south by bordered by Lake Constance and Switzerland, and from the west by borders by France and Rhineland, and the most important rivers in this state are the Rhine and Danube rivers .

Baden-Württemberg is divided into four administrative regions: Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Tobingen, and Stuttgart. In this article, we will learn more about Stuttgart, its geographical location, and the most important characteristic of this city.

The city of Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg, and it is classified as the sixth largest city in the Republic of Germany, with a population of more than five million and three hundred thousand people, including the urban and rural area, with a land area of ​​two hundred and seven square kilometers. Stuttgart is an hour away from the Black Forest, and overlooks the Neckar Valley. The city’s emblem is the black horse, and Porsche has used this emblem as a symbol in its auto industry.

Its economy

The economy of the city of Stuttgart is the strongest among the German cities and the unemployment rate is also the lowest, as it is the cradle of the auto industry, and it has many advanced technology factories, such as Mercedes, Porsche, Hewlett-Packard Computers, IBM, and others. Because of its mountainous geographical nature and its temperate climate, grape cultivation abounds in it. Culturally, it has many important educational institutions, such as the University of Stuttgart and the University of Hohenheim, and it has many theaters, operas, ballet places and high-end concerts.

Its population

The origins of many of its residents are of Turkish origins, but from the religious point of view, Protestants are the most in them followed by Catholics, as it has a good percentage of Muslims and has more than twenty mosques.

Its most important features

Among the most important tourist attractions in the city are Schiller Platz, the Kings Street, the longest pedestrian street in Germany, the Weizenhof district, the Wilhelma Zoo, the TV Tower, the Opera House, the Mercedes-Benz Museum, and the Astronomical Observatory Carl Zeiss.

It is worth knowing that this city is known to have the largest water bodies of springs and mineral deposits, which are useful in the field of health and physical therapy, in which there are more than two hundred and fifty water springs, the most famous of which are the Berg Spring, Kanzstatt, and Lewis. And if you ever think about visiting this wonderful city, the advanced transportation network in it will never be a hindrance in that, you only have to buy a bus ticket to get to any place in the city without trouble.


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