Where is the city of sunrise?

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Its location

Al-Shorouk city is located in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, as it is located on the thirty-seventh km of the road connecting Cairo and Ismailia, and its cities are located on the eastern side of Badr and Heliopolis, while from the northeast, the city of Tenth of Ramadan is located, while the cities of transit are located, Peace is from the northwestern side, and from the east, Ain Shams is located. Finally, New Cairo is located from the southwestern side of the city of Sunrise.

Its foundation

Al-Shorouk City is considered one of the cities that belongs to the cities of the third generation, and it was established based on a decision issued by the Egyptian Prime Minister, in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five AD, and the establishment of this city came because of the urgent desire and need to expand urbanization in Egypt in general, and Cairo in the form of Especially, which naturally leads to achieving the various development goals, which include accommodating the large population, and most importantly, is the redistribution of the population of the city of Cairo, as this project aims to important economic goals, including providing appropriate job opportunities for some of the unemployed children of The Egyptian people, which leads to the advancement of the economic level of the country.

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Al-Shorouk city is connected to a network of various transportation links that connect with cities and other regions. There are lines that connect the city and the fields of Lebanon and Abdel-Moneim Riad, and there are also lines that connect it to Cairo, the Giza Square, and the Suez Road. As for the inner city level, the city is connected to a network of transportation and internal roads. Which helps to connect the sides of the city and its roads together. The total city area is estimated at about twelve thousand acres, or about forty-eight square kilometers, while the urban area is estimated at about nine thousand acres, or thirty-six kilometers. The square is almost square, and its population is expected to reach nearly half a million people.

Industry and agriculture

A portion of the city’s area has been allocated for industrial activity, as plots of land, workshops, and warehouses are provided by a commission specializing in the affairs of new urban cities. As for agricultural activity in the city of Sunrise, it is limited only to the afforestation of roads, to the cultivation of the green belt, and derives The city needs its water from the treatment plant located in the tenth of Ramadan City, and the station has been provided with all the various necessary facilities, to provide a decent life for citizens and to secure all their needs, including: the electricity network and sanitation, as well as the transportation networks as mentioned above.


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