Where is the city of Tabarjal located?

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Tabarjal is one of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose lands are among the most fertile places in the region as a whole.


Tabarjal is located in the Asian continent where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the region known as Al-Jouf, is in the regional road going to the city of Sakaka and the city of Hail from the eastern side, and Mosul to the province of Al-Qurayyat and also to the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the western side, where they are located according to degrees The width is in the degree thirty, and according to the longitude it falls in the degree thirty-nine.

brief history

The city of Tabarjal was known in the past as Al-Lahawiya, as it is one of the main cities of Al-Jawf region, and it is considered a modern city today, as the date of its emergence does not return for more than forty years, as the ancient desert in this region was suffering from a lack of plants in addition to the lack of water resources, which made the migration It is active in the region, so the state has worked to resettle citizens in areas suitable for agricultural activities, so several projects have been undertaken in this region to dig wells, water citizens and lands, and agricultural lands have been distributed to citizens estimated in the thousands in this part of the Kingdom.

Population activity

Tabarjel’s community includes three groups of the population:

  • State employees: They are all workers and employees in national state companies and even in their government departments.
  • The farmers: They are all the agricultural workers in the city, who constitute the largest number in Tabarjal, as their agricultural activities constitute the main source of Tabarjal’s economy.
  • Merchants: This category is the one that contributes significantly and effectively to the economic development of the city, through the commercial activities that it undertakes, in addition to real estate business.

touristical monuments

A simple area located in Tabarjal is considered one of the most important areas in the city, where it is called the food basket, and there is also a free reserve in this city, where the reserve includes, without regions of the Kingdom, large numbers of rare animals, and there is also the Tabik reserve which is also located in the city of Tabarjal And it is also absent from us also the district of Haddah, which is located in this city, which comes in a flat form, with vast areas, and very old, and very precious and expensive minerals were discovered in this area.


Information about the city and the countryside

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