Where is the city of Taif located?

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Taif city site

The city of Taif is located approximately 120.7 km in the southern side of Mecca, which is based on the back of Mount Ghazwan, which has a height of approximately 557.42 m, between longitude (’10 41º13 ‘, 40º) and latitude (’52 22º40’) , 20º), and adjacent to it from the western side are the governorates of Al-Kamil, the northern side of Medina, the eastern side is the Governorate of Al-Muwayah, Turbah and Maysan, and from the south side the province of Maysan and the province of Laith, and the city was named after the Taif city, according to the wall or wall that used to surround the city and its old name was Hooge.

The religious status of the city of Taif

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, visited the city of Taif twice; the first in the tenth year after the mission and the second visit in the eighth year after migration, both in October, in order to spread the honorable Islamic call, as it had a great role in the history of prophecies and invitations side by side With the noble prophetic biography.

Information about the city of Taif

The city of Taif is ranked third in terms of size after Mecca and Yathrib, and the population of Taif is 521,273 people according to the population census of the year 2004 AD. It is appropriate for the cultivation of these varieties of crops, and their agricultural prosperity has led to their nickname (Hijaz Garden).

Climate of the city of Taif

Taif city is characterized by a moderate climate in general, but it is characterized by mountainous areas, which reach a height of more than 2627 m in particular in the Al Hada and Al Shifa regions, with a significant and clear decrease in summer temperatures.


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