Where is the city of Tashkent located?

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Tashkent city

Tashkent is the capital of the state of Uzbekistan, and it was known before Islam as the city of gauze, which is a very beautiful oasis, as for its current name “Tashkent” it was named in the sixteenth century AD, and it became the capital of Russian Turkistan in 1965 AD, which is an independent republic Self-sufficient, and it remained its capital until the year 1930 AD after the revolution of Bismatchi, which resulted in the collapse of the Republic of Turkestan, becoming Tashkent one of the cities of the Uzbek Republic, until its capital became a place for the city of Samarkand.

Tashkent site

The city of Tashkent is located in Central Asia in the state of Uzbekistan, on the banks of the Cherchik River, on the Great Silk Road that connects China to the continent of Europe, specifically extending on the west side of the Altai Mountains in the Tski Plain, on the road linking Shymkent and Samarkand, and an area of ​​15,300 square kilometers And its population reaches nearly two million, including a good number of Russian minorities, and the city of Tashkent is considered a city with a wonderful mixture of Islamic character and the western character of the Soviet Union.

Tashkent is considered one of the most important Asian cities, as it is a very important economic, cultural and commercial center, and it is the most developed city in Uzbekistan, and it is also a prosperous city in terms of tourism, economic and agricultural. Archaeological museums and monuments, and distinctive monuments dating back to the Soviet era, and its attractive architectural character is a major reason for making it the focus of attention of visitors from all over the world.
As for the economic aspect, the average per capita income in Uzbekistan amounts to more than two thousand dollars, and this indicates that the economic life in it is stable and prosperous, and Tashkent is famous in the manufacture of modern agricultural machinery, as well as the manufacture of various textiles, especially cotton ones. With regard to its nature, it is distinguished by its beautiful nature and charming scenery, due to the large number of gardens in it, and the huge numbers of trees arising from the sides of the streets as if it is a beautiful artwork, as it is famous for the abundance of fountains in various forms ..

The climate of Tashkent

Tashkent is affected by the Mediterranean climate, as it is characterized by very cold and severe winters, and snow falls; where the average height of snow in it reaches nearly seventy centimeters, and the land of Tashkent may continue to be covered with snow for about thirty consecutive days, and the winter in Tashkent continues on Only three months, and its summer is very hot and dry, as it is long relative to the rest of the seasons, and relatively light rains may occur in the summer.


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