Where is the city of Thuwal located?

المسافرون العرب

The importance of the city

The city of Thuwal is one of the important centers located in the region of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in the lands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its importance lies in the fact that it was chosen in the year two thousand and seven AD to be a site for the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, a coastal city and famous for fishing.

Its location

Thuwal is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the Makkah region, and is considered a center of the Jeddah Governorate, and its location is in the Red Sea coast, eighty kilometers from the city of Jeddah, north of it, and it is close to the city of Rabigh.
In this city there is an ancient port known as the port of Thuwal, and it was established many centuries ago, and it is famous for fishing a lot in it, especially fish with a red color known as the Angel fish, and the fame of this port comes for the presence of abundant pearls in it, in addition to coral formations that come in the form of Dense divisions, reaching the borders of Jeddah.

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The origin of its name

The city of Thuwal was previously known as the city of Al-Da’ijiya, and it is said that Da’ijiyya is a miniaturization of Da’jah, which is known as the blackness of the eyes. As for its name, it was not a long time ago. Southern and eastern, and therefore the city overcame this designation in relation to this famous valley.

The work of its residents

Thule was known for its important location as a commercial center overlooking the sea, as a market for the villages that border it, and where the buying and selling activity is active.
Among the jobs that the inhabitants of this city who belong to the Al Jaddala tribe were engaged in, diving in the sea, to extract shells from it, to sell them later to the ports overlooking the Red Sea coasts, especially in the Massawa port located in Eritrea, as well as the Sawakin port located in the State of Sudan.
Fishing and pearling continued to flourish in this region until it was permanently halted, perhaps due to the recent industrial development that transformed the city’s aspirations to work with more comfortable and livelihood businesses.

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Its most important cultural features

Perhaps the most famous monument located in Thuwal is King Abdullah University, in addition to the presence of a municipality building in it, and it has a famous mosque in the area known as the Beach Mosque, and also there is the royal island of fame in the country.
The city has developed significantly in recent times, and it has many services, and we find many government departments and institutions that make life easier and better than it was.

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