Where is the city of Tlemcen located?

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It is an Algerian city called (The Pearl of the Maghreb), located Tlemcen to the northwest of Algeria and it is the capital of Tlemcen province, it is considered the second most important city in the country after the city of Oran, the city abounds with its ancient history, and boasts its picturesque location and its captivating nature; where it was called the French orientalist George Marcy (the city of art and history), it is located inside olive and vineyards, and there are so many immortal buildings that it has been called (Granada Africa).

Tlemcen in the language

The name of the city is composed of two syllables for the Tamazight words: tilm, meaning congregation, and san: and it means two. I named this as it brought together the two cities (Takrarat and Agadir), this is the opinion of Yahya Bouaziz about the name, while the French orientalist George Marcy suggests that the name of Tlemcen is derived from the Tamazight, Tala Yamsaan; Tala means the source, and Yamsaan means Jaf; it is more likely that its name is the dry spring.

There is another opinion on the name Tlemcen, as it is said that it means the city of springs. As for the public, they say that Tlemcen is a two-word Arabic word meaning to gather people. The city is called by other names such as: Pomeraria, Takarirat, and Agadir, and in addition to the pearl of Morocco it is called the Bride of the Mediterranean.

History of the city of Tlemcen

  • The city was inhabited by Berbers and was called Agadir.
  • The Vandals passed through it during their Roman rule, and were expelled by the Roman Catholics.
  • The Romans ruled the city at the end of the fifth century AD, until the Arabs conquered it by the leader, Uqba ibn Nafi ‘.
  • It was ruled by the Banu zenata in the eighth century AD, until they split with the Abbasids with the schism movement carried out by the Kharijites in the Arab Mashreq led by Abu Qurra from the Banu Yafran tribes of Zenata.
  • It was inhabited by the Idris, who came from the Far Maghreb, specifically from Fez, and remained under their rule throughout the ninth century AD, and there are some Adars today in the form of tribes in the city.
  • The Almoravids, led by Yusuf bin Tashfin, surrounded and opened it, and they built the Tagharart suburb therein, and among the most prominent monuments they left in the city is the Great Mosque of Tlemcen.
  • The Almoravids were defeated by the Almohads under the leadership of Abd al-Mumin bin Ali al-Kumi and ruled for forty years.
  • The Almohads used the sons of Abd al-Wad to preserve the city. Their fortunes were strengthened, and they repelled the attacks of the Bani Ghaniyat al-Tama in the city.
  • The coming Marinids surrounded the city of Morocco for seven years, this siege ended with the death of the leader of the Marinids Abu Yaqoub, but they had built another city during the period of the siege behind the walls of the old city, and they called the new city the name Mansoura, then they went back to Tlemcen until they opened it and their rule lasted for one of them Ten years.
  • The city came under Ottoman rule, as the Ottoman commander Baba Aruj opened it.

The French occupied the city and built a military center in the Al-Mashour neighborhood. The French continued to hold the city until the independence of Algeria in 1962.


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