Where is the city of Trabzon located?

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The city of Trabzon

The city of Trabzon, located in the Turkish state, is one of the most important cities located on the Silk Road, this ancient historical road, and is thus considered the most important commercial gateway to the Iranian state, in addition to being one of the beautiful coastal cities that appeal to lovers of charming views and the country’s natural beauty.

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The city of Trabzon is located in the Asian part of the Turkish state, to the northeastern side of it, as it is a coastal city on the Black Sea, and this city forms the center of Trabzon Province, and we find the state of Iran in the southeastern side of it, and the Caucasus country in the northeastern side. The population of the city of Trabzon exceeds two hundred and fourteen thousand nine hundred and forty nine thousand people, and the majority of its inhabitants are Turks, also from Greece, in addition to the Benettion.

History of the city of Trabzon

The first inhabitants of this city were Maltese merchants, and that was in the eighth century BC, and for many years it was considered a Greek town, until Greece in the sixty-five years BC conquered it to become a Roman city.

It was seized in the year one thousand four hundred and sixty-one AD, captured by Bayazid II – one of the Ottoman sultans – where his son Salim installed a ruler over Trabzon, who later became Sultan Selim I, and he was born in the year one thousand four hundred and ninety-five AD by his son Solomon, who later became Sultan, known as Suleiman the Magnificent.


Trabzon is the Turkish name for the city, and it has been known throughout history with several names: Trapezius and also Tribesund, and it was known as Trappesund, and also Trebisundi, while in the Latin language it was called Trappizos and it is converted from the ancient Greek language which means a table, but in modern Greek it is known as Trappezon As for the Persians and the Ottomans, they wrote it trabzon, and during the Ottoman period it was used as a designation for it flew a boson.

According to the Lazy language, this city was called an adulterous ruin, and according to the Georgian word, it was a Zuni ruin, while the Armenians are closer to the Ottomans in its name; it is known as Trabzon, but some refer to an Armenian priest who mentioned its name in Ozinis.

Education in Trabzon

There is no doubt that the state realized the importance of this ancient city, and therefore worked to build the most important university in it, which is the Black Sea Technical University, which attracts students from all parts of the Turkish state, especially expatriates from the Black Sea region, as well as from the regions in eastern Anatolia, in addition to To students who come from the Turkish regions of Central Asia.


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