Where is the city of Tripoli located?

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In fact, the city of Tripoli is a name given to two Arab coastal cities on the Mediterranean, one in Libya and its capital, and the other in Lebanon, and in this article we will show the location of each of them, in addition to mentioning the names of the most important archaeological and tourist sites that are intended for tourists of the two cities.

Libyan city of Tripoli

City location

Tripoli is the largest Libyan city, and it is a coastal city. The time of the Phoenicians was constructed on a rocky head opposite the southern tip of Sicily, on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, in the northwest of Libya, at latitude 32.86667, and longitude 13.2, bordered to the east by an area Tajoura, on the west, Janzur, on the south, the Suwani region, and on the north it is bordered by the Mediterranean.

The most important tourist attractions in the city

  • old City.
  • Red Serail.
  • The Serail Museum.
  • St. Francis.
  • Greek Orthodox Church.
  • The camel collector.
  • Clock tower in the old city.
  • Monsters Qaramanli.
  • Al Turk Market.
  • Arch of Marcus Aurelius.
  • Islamic museum.
  • People’s Palace.
  • The Monsters of the Qur’an Manly.
  • The old French consulate.
  • The memorial of the battle of Ain Zara.
  • The hour of Our Lady Mary.
  • Clock tower.
  • Polila Tower.
  • Today, the Fateh Tower is called the Tower of Tripoli.
  • School of Arts and Crafts.
  • The Pillars of Al-Emad.
  • Al-Fateh Gold Market.
  • Oujda Tourist Village.
  • Tripoli Forest.
  • Wildlife Park.
  • Sidi El-Reef Mosque.
  • Hun collector.
  • The camel collector.
  • Mosque of Sidi Salem Al-Mashat. And many other famous landmarks.

Lebanese city of Tripoli

City location

Tripoli is the second largest Lebanese city, it is the capital of the North Governorate, and it is also called Fayhaa, which is a coastal city, located on latitude 34.43 and longitude 35.89, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, to the north of the capital Beirut, 85 km away, and away from The Lebanese-Syrian border is about 30 km, and it connects the coastal cities with the Syrian cities, then the cities of Iraq and the Gulf through the natural “Tripoli – Homs” corridor, and this pass has had an important role throughout the ages.

Tripoli is the second capital of Lebanon, with an area of ​​about 15 km2. In front of the Mediterranean Sea, there are a group of small islands known as the Palm Islands, including Sunnai Island, Nakhal Island, and Ramken Island, on which a beacon was used to guide ships. The city of Tripoli crosses the Abu Ali River, which stems from the Qadish Cave, and overlooks a high mountain range, covered with cedar trees, and snow throughout the year.

The most important tourist attractions in the city

  • The Great Mansouri Mosque.
  • Nawfal Ottoman Palace.
  • The Copper Market.
  • The Bazerkan market.
  • St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.
  • The shrine of Ahmed Pasha Al-Shalak, the governor of Tripoli during the Ottoman period.
  • St. Joseph’s Syriac Catholic Church.
  • Al Attar Mosque.
  • The hill square in which there is the Ottoman clock known for its five layers.
  • Khan al-Khayati or the Hariri.
  • Khan jewelers.
  • Prince Seif Al-Din Tantash palace from the Mamluks era.
  • Sultan Qaytbay Tower. And many other famous landmarks.

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