Where is the city of Ur located?

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It is one of the first cities that humans have inhabited since the beginning of life, due to its distinguished strategic location, and the country contained many civilizations such as Alsumaria, Assyrian, and Canaanite, nicknamed Mesopotamia, and Black Mesopotamia, because it contains the Tigris and Euphrates, and the country has a total area of ​​438,317 km Square meters, and the proportion of water bodies 1.1% of the total area, and its population reaches more than 36 million people, and Baghdad is the capital of the country.

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It is one of the oldest cities that were settled by humans, and it is the capital of the Sumerian civilization in the year 2100 BC, and it is the birthplace of Abu al-Anbiya, our master Ibrahim, peace be upon him in 2000 BC, and it is the place where the Hanafi message came, and it was famous in the past for containing buildings built of burnt bricks And a lot of temples, and various monuments, and the total area of ​​the city to about 240 acres on which about 24 thousand people live.

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It is one of the western cities of the Asian continent, and it is located at Tal al-Muqair, which is located in the southern side of the Iraqi countries. The city of Nasiriyah, which is 100 miles from the northern side of Basra, and its coordinates are between 30 ° 57′45 ″ to the north, and 46 ° 06′11 to the east.

Miscellaneous information

  • Initial settlement: There are unidentified people who lived in the region before the Sumerians and the Semites, and were given the title of the first Pharisees, who lived along five cities, namely: literature, welsh, ur, urok, and larsa, and they were cultivating, and interested in industrial crafts.
  • Trading: Numerous excavations have been found that indicate the presence of many minerals, stone types, and seashells, and this is evidence of commercial activity in that area since eternity.
  • Foundations statues: Numerous statues dating back to 2600 and 2500 BC, which were built in temples, and under the entrances, bench mihrab, and royal palaces during the reign of Urshulji, made of bronze, wood, stone, and pottery.
  • Debt: The Sumerian religion is the dominant city in the city as the first system of theological and theological, and these religious beliefs developed in the fourth millennium BC.
  • The Mausoleum: The cemetery is rich in buried treasures, which currently only contain the temple and vestibule, and the latter is considered a group of the western roofed arches and burnt tiles.

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