Where is the city of Venice?

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Venice is an Italian city, and it is one of the main ports in it. In the late Middle Ages, it was the largest seaport in Europe, and it is considered one of the oldest tourist and cultural centers in the world. The city of Venice was called the Republic of Venice, and it occupied an unparalleled place in the Western imagination, and was described in poetry and prose, and it is a luminous city that adorns the walls of its palaces with distinctive motifs, in which domes and various constellations are found, and today it is a heritage city that represents an integral part of artistic and architectural heritage.
The Venetian gained its stability and independence through its notable political and economic role in world trade, and despite being an isolated maritime city, it managed to maintain a good relationship with the surrounding cities. Since the fifteenth century, the city of Venice has included a large number of lands known as Terraferma, that is, the dry land that extends from the Istrian Peninsula in the east, to the borders of Milan in the west, and from Po River in the south, to the Alps in the north, and by the 16th century, Venice had begun to reclaim largely dry lands.
The city of Venice is progressive in its dwellings. In it, there are poor houses and have ornate palaces decorated with inscriptions, and most of the palaces are located on water channels, and they are decorated with distinctive drawings that are appropriate for their location on the water channels, especially the major ones. Usually, the ordinary houses rise to three or four floors connected to each other through The exterior staircases share a patio, while the appearance of the red brick with lights gives a beautiful character to the city.

The city of Venice

The city of Venice is five meters above sea level, located on the continent of Europe, specifically in northeastern Italy, in a region called Veneto (English: Veneto), where Venice is located in the northwestern part of the Adriatic Sea located to the west of the Balkan Peninsula and the northern Mediterranean. On Lake Venice, which extends 51 km from the northern Jesolo swamps (English: Jesolo), which is close to European countries, such as: Slovakia, Croatia, and Austria, but the coordinates of its location are latitude .4445.44, and longitude .33 12.33.

The city of Venice

The population of the city of Venice at the end of 2014 was about 264,600 people, as it constituted 0.443% of the total population of Italy, and if the rate of population growth continues as it was in the period 2011-2014 AD, it is expected that the population of Venice in the end of 2020 AD will reach 267,836 people Approximately.

Venice city climate

The city of Venice has a relatively mild continental climate throughout the year. Temperatures decrease in winter and rise in summer to become hot and pleasant because of the influence of the Adriatic Sea on it. The total precipitation throughout the year reaches 750 mm, and it is well distributed between seasons. An end to rain is in the fall and spring seasons depending on the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, where the southeastern winds help to rain with the help of the waters of the Adriatic Sea, and winds blowing from the rifles originating from the Eastern European plains, especially in the winter and spring, and when the weather conditions dominate Bad city impacts a phenomenon called high water phenomenon or Acqua Alta (English: Acqua Alta), due to the strong winds that hinder the flow of rivers to the sea, in addition to the influence of islands and tides that raise the sea level.

Transportation routes in Venice

There are many modes of transportation in the city of Venice; one can move on foot, and one can also use one of the transportation methods of Active Transport Company (ACTV), where it possesses about 195 types of water transport, such as: steam boats, and Bateli Furani which is used in transportation to Outside areas, ships, or ferries. Transportation is available in the city of Venice 24 hours a day, and there is a public transportation service called Alilaguna (English: ALILAGUNA), which has a large network of five lines connecting each of Marco Polo Airport Station (English: Marco Polo) and Cruise Station (English : Cruise Terminal: Downtown Venice.
Also in Venice, there is a bus network for transportation that one can use to move around the city, and to move in water channels, people board the water boats known as gondola or gondola (in Italian: Gondola), which is the most famous and romantic way to move around the city and explore it.

Tourist places in the city of Venice

Venice is famous for its charming corners, streets and small corridors, and water channels that attract tourists from all over the world, and it can be said that in every corner of the city, the visitor will see something worthy of attention, while St. Mark’s Square and the Grand Canal focus on the two most important tourist attractions in the city, and from The most important and most beautiful tourist attractions:

  • St. Mark’s Cathedral: It is considered one of the most famous churches in the city of Venice, and it is known worldwide, and the church is decorated with Byzantine jewelry that was brought after the fall of Constantinople, in addition to a mosaic supported with gold, covering the facade and entrances of the church.
  • St. Rocco Grand School: It was built of exquisite white marble between 1515-1560 AD, and after the completion of the construction the great Venetian artist Tintoretto painted a large and distinctive painting and placed it in the building. He also decorated the walls and ceilings with a large number of different paintings.
  • Fine Arts Museum: It is called an academic acronym, and it contains a comprehensive museum that contains many Venetian paintings dating back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the museum’s most famous paintings are St. George’s painting by Andrea Mantegna and St. Jerome (St Jerome) is a 16th-century painting. In the museum there are important works of other artists, such as: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.
  • Torcello Island: It was established at the beginning of the seventh century, and by the twelfth century it became a prosperous city, with palaces, churches, and shipyards, as well as an ancient commercial city, and it can be said that it is one of the cities of the Byzantine and Venetian character.
  • Doge’s Palace: It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe, and it was a center of government during the period in which the city of Venice was named the Republic of Venice, and the palace was a wooden fortress with impregnable defensive towers, and after it was burned, it turned into a palace with a Byzantine nature, and today it is one of the most beautiful museums and one of the most important areas City attractions.
  • The Bridge of Sighs: It is located at the end of the facade of the palace, next to the Grand Canal, and a visitor can reach it on foot.


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