Where is the city of Wales located?

المسافرون العرب

City of Wales

The city of Wales is considered one of the most important British cities located in the southwestern part of Britain, and it is one of the four founding countries of the United Kingdom, with an area of ​​approximately 20 thousand square kilometers. Life began in the city of Wales when the Romens inhabited it during the Romen war on Britain, and they settled It had many fortresses and fortresses to protect themselves from the British, and it remained under Romen rule until AD 410, after which the Romen state fell, and Wales was divided into many cities.

The city limits of Wales

The city of Wales is bordered by many regions, the most important of which is the Bristol Canal from the south, the Irish Sea from the west and north, and the George Canal from the southwest. The city was distinguished by its mountainous and coastal terrain, which helped it increase its population’s ability to resist enemies.

The most important cities in Wales

Major cities in Wales:

  • Cardiff City: It is the capital of Wales and its largest city, with a population of 460 thousand people, and its history dates back to the Romen era, and Cardiff Castle, which still exists to this day, has been built in the same external and internal form, and is characterized by the presence of the National Museum and Galleries, which is one of the most important museums that are characterized by antique pieces And the wonderful artistic paintings, and the entrance to the museum is free, in order to encourage tourists to visit the city and learn about its most important landmarks. In the city of Cardiff, Cardiff University was established in 1883 AD, and it is also known as the University of Wales. The university was distinguished by its advanced educational style and interest in the physical aspect, so there are a large number of sports facilities, and there are all equipment available from basketball, football, and volleyball And other games, which made it the focus of attention of many students, attracting 17% of students residing outside the United Kingdom.
  • Bangor: The smallest city in the United Kingdom is located in North Wales, and its population is approximately 20 thousand people, most of them are students enrolled in the various universities of the city of Wales, and this city has the advantage of attracting tourists because of its location on the sea.
  • Newport City: It is one of the most cities in Wales that is known for its technological and scientific progress, so it attracts a lot of investors to earn more money, and attracts a lot of students to receive knowledge in its distinguished university, as it is considered the cultural and scientific entrance to the country, and its population is approximately 200 thousand people.
  • Swansea This city has flourished since ancient times, especially in the Romen era, as it is the city of industry due to the large number of iron industry and the export of coal in it, and its population is 200 thousand people.
  • Carleon City: It is located on the Osk River, and it is one of the small towns. It contains a castle built in 75 BC in the Romen era.

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