Where is the city of Yabrud located

المسافرون العرب

The city of Yabrud

The city of Yabroud is considered one of the cities of the ancient Syrian Arab Republic, where the oldest cave in history was found, and it is the cave of “Escada Valley”. There is a city of Yabrud, north of Damascus, about (80) kilometers between the Qalamoun Mountains, in a valley separating the second and third plateau of this mountain range, which is surrounded by high mountains from all sides, on top of which are rocky crowns, and the most famous mountains around it are the mountains of the eastern inventory, And Mount Maroun, and Mount Arid.

Yabroud is located in the southern side of the city of Homs, about (80) kilometers, and from the northern side of Damascus, meaning that it is in the middle between the two cities, almost to the north of the international highway. Yabroud is considered to be a mountainous city with a lot of archaeological caves, and it is also located within the governorate of the countryside of Damascus. That separates the cities of Nabek and Yabroud.

Its climate

The city of Yabroud is characterized by a very cold climate in the winter, and a mild climate that tends to be cold in the summer. Some ancient and historical studies mention that Queen Zenobia (Queen of Palmyra) was lining up there.

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brief history

Yabroud is considered one of the most important places in which a person inhabited before history. Many natural caves have been discovered dug inside the mountains and the surrounding valleys. Alfred Roost, a historical researcher and the first to discover these sediments, states that the “Askvata” valley is one of the most prominent and famous valleys found In the Near East in ancient times, as the Syrian scholar of origin, “Nur ad-Din Aqil” mentioned by defining the word Yabroud as an Aramaic word, it was mentioned in the clay’s writings in Mesopotamia.

During the time of the Romens, Yabroud was a military center, and this is evidenced by the presence of an ancient Romen fortress in it. The first excavations in the region began in the year 193 by the German scientist “Alfred Rost” and continued excavation for three years. Discovered the most famous of its features and published a book about it in German, a person called “Caves Yabrud”, and in 1965 AD an American mission headed by “Ralph Solecki” came, where he discovered the remains of the Jew who is considered one of the oldest inhabitants of the earth.

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Agriculture in it

Yabroud is considered one of the agricultural places that depend on rain water (Baal) for irrigation of crops. Among the most famous agricultural crops in which it is found are: figs, cherries, fermented potatoes, fabrous wheat, almonds, and apricots, in addition to natural medicinal herbs such as chamomile, thyme and others.

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