Where is the Dana Reserve located?

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Dana Reserve

Dana Reserve is the largest natural reserve in Jordan, where this reserve plays a fundamental role in protecting the natural resources from animal and plant resources that should be preserved. The Dana Reserve is the only reserve in Jordan that contains the four biogeographic regions: the Mediterranean region, the Iranian-Turanian region, the Arabian desert region, and the Sudanese region. Therefore, it is the most diverse region in Jordan in terms of ecosystems and plant patterns, such as juniper, evergreen oak, sand dunes, Sudanese, and many others. It is also characterized as the habitat of the remaining natural cypress forests.

Dana Reserve site

Dana Reserve is located in the Dana region within the Tafila Governorate located in southern Jordan, where this reserve is located on a vast area of ​​approximately 300 km2. This reserve was established in the early nineties in the last century, specifically in the year 1990.

Geography of Dana Reserve

Dana Reserve contains a geographical diversity across the vast area of ​​this reserve and these variations are like the desert region and also because of its decline at the levels of the Dead Sea and its height as the highest point up to 1500 m in it also includes the Mediterranean region, the Sudanese region and the Iranian region, and these four regions have gained diversity in the plants spread across The reserve is also home to animal diversity.

Dana Protected Plants

The variations in temperature and rain and their rates varied depending on the heights of the different reserve in Dana reserve, where there are evergreen cypress trees and oak and juniper trees, but these forests are no longer evergreen cypress trees, as they were in the past. The region was in the days of the Roman state with A huge density of trees that humans have been attacked by cutting and eradicating.

Livestock in the Dana Reserve

Dana Reserve contains many invertebrate animals, reptiles and birds, and most of these animals are threatened with extinction, as they contain from birds, for example, 209 birds, and these birds are rare and endangered birds, and from animals there are desert cat, wolves, foxes, sand, phoenician and deer.

Tourism in the Dana Reserve

Dana Reserve is characterized by the presence of a tourist village whose walls and services are located in one of the hills located within the boundaries of the reserve, where the building and urban pattern reflects the history and heritage of the place, and where there are stone paths paved with Dana stones, and there are tourist hotels in the heritage style that takes into account the nature of the place and gives it beauty Its originality and heritage are not stripped from it.


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