Where is the Dead Sea located in Jordan?

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Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a very salty water body, which is located in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in the southwest of the capital, Amman, between the Jordanian border and the Palestinian border, and is surrounded by many natural features, from the east there are the highlands of Al Balqa and the Salt Mountains and their highlands, and from the west the highlands of Palestine And the mountains of Jerusalem, the length of the sea is about (80) kilometers and a width of (15) kilometers, while the size of the sea is (946) square meters.
The Dead Sea is nourished from the Jordan River, the Sail Ma’in and the Mujib River, in which there is a high percentage of minerals; such as magnesium, potassium, bromide, and chloride salts, etc. It was called by several names, including: Lake Lot attributed to the Prophet Lot, peace be upon him, who was sent to a people Gomorrah and Sodom, and those who lived in that region at that time, but now it is called the Dead Sea, due to the lack of life in it, where no living creatures can live in it.

Dead Sea properties

There is no life in the Dead Sea because of the rise in the percentage of salts in it, as it is distinguished in that it is the lowest spot in the world, in addition to that it is characterized by the intense heat rise in the summer and its warm weather in the winter.

The Dead Sea enjoys the purity of sunlight, and there is hot water used for treatment, visited by many people from all parts of the world for this purpose in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery in it, and its clay is very rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium, magnesium and bromine, where many cosmetics are extracted for purposes Special therapeutic dermatological ones.

Natural and tourist attractions in the Dead Sea

There are many parks, rest houses, restaurants and hotels in the Dead Sea, and we can mention some of these landmarks as follows:

  • South Beach: As it is one of the most beautiful and quiet places in the Dead Sea, it has a picturesque nature.
  • Hot water: This water enjoys its attractiveness and richness with the essential minerals for the body, as sea visitors float in this water to take advantage of minerals to enter their bodies.
  • Oman Tourist Beach: In this beach there are many swimming pools, swimming pools, parks, football field, volleyball and basketball court, and many other recreational things, cafeterias, and other recreational places.
  • Resorts and chalets: we can mention the Marriott, Movenpick and Kempinski Hotel, which enjoys excellent service, and has health centers to treat many skin diseases, and the Porto Dead Sea chalets are being established for ownership.

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