Where is the desert of Lot

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Lot desert in Iran

Iran is a mountainous country, surrounded by two arcs of high mountain ranges, starting from the north of the Turkish border and adjacent to the south of the Caspian Sea, until it reaches Afghanistan, then passes through the province of Khorasan, and extends from the southern side of Azerbaijan, until it reaches the southwestern side of Pakistan, and between these two arcs The Iranian plateau is located in the western side of Pakistan, such as: Dishti Cuper, Dishti Lot, Sistan and others, and the Desert of Lot is the most famous deserts in Iran, and is surrounded by many mountain ranges such as the eastern Pelingan Chain, and Western Cohenban, and in this article we will mention some detailed information about Lot Desert The form of a year.

Lot desert site

Lot desert is located in the semi-tropical range between latitudes 30-40 degrees north in the southeastern side of the heart of Iran, and extends over an area of ​​1100 km longitudinally in the width of 100-200 km, and it can be considered as a modern desert, which was created by dry conditions due to its distance from moisture sources The navy, surrounded by a wall of mountain walls, and its decline in the surrounding mountains, where this led to the formation of cold, hot, dry, cold, and cold pneumatic blocks.

The terrain is found in the Lot desert

  • Hashemite mountain plains, built by river and torrential streams, with their terraces and flood fans.
  • Sohar stone antiques mountains.
  • Slavery and protectors in the highlands and building plains.
  • A wide and varied sandy terrain.
  • Water features such as salts, experiences, and marshes.
  • Exquisite and beautiful looking terrain, such as: caves, porches, gin tables, furrows and grooves, and sandy cities.

Climate of Lot desert

Lot desert climate is characterized by its dryness, as it carries some characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. It is worth mentioning that there are many factors that affected the hot desert climate such as: privacy of the range, which is similar to the very cold tropical range in winter due to the lack of solar radiation, and the decrease in temperature, in addition to Its distance from the different marine influences, and its hiding behind mountain ranges, in addition to being affected by high pressure centers, dry and hot masses in the summer, and the year is divided into a winter spring fall period, and a dry and hot summer period.

Water sources in Lot Desert

The water contained in it in terms of quantity and quality is subject to exceptional drought conditions, and there are many rivers in it, such as: the Tigab River, and the Ruddy Shore, and it also contains lakes such as: Lake Nemek Zar on the eastern side of Kerman.

Plants in Lot Desert

It contains dried plants, which are distinguished by their different types such as:

  • Sandy plants: These plants spread in the sand, as well as pastoral herbs, and short shrubs.
  • Pebble desert clay plants: abundant in Lot desert, there are also many types such as wormwood, pasta, grass, and grasses.
  • Saline desert plants sandy and clay sandy.
  • Fresh water plants in river and valley streams, perhaps the most important of which are willows, ideals and poplar.

Dirt Desert Lot

Lot’s desert soil is considered to be a primitive, saline soil of various degrees, and it is not found in all its areas. It contains a sufficient percentage of salts, but as for the soil in river valleys, it has a grayish-brown color, which can be invested.

Animals found in Lot Desert

Lot Desert contains many animals such as: snakes, lizards, scorpions, rabbits, deer, foxes, wild cats, birds, wild sheep, wolves, bears, and pigs, as well as birds.


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