Where is the Dubai flower garden located?

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Dubai flower garden

The flower garden in Dubai or as it is known as the Miracle Garden Dubai, it is not only the largest parks in the United Arab Emirates, but is the largest ever in the world as a whole.

Garden site

This park is characterized by being located in the middle of a desert, on Umm Suqeim Street located in the city of Dubailand, near the area known as the Arabian Ranches towards the road to Abu Dhabi

The road leading to the park

The park can be accessed using the car, as the metro does not reach it, as it starts from Deira, and the Garhoud Bridge is taken, and the street known as Sheikh Zayed is chosen to reach the entrance to a street on the right side is Umm Suqeim Street, and on the left there is an exit from this street Which leads to Abu Dhabi where the park is on the left from the middle.

The area of ​​the park and its features

The flower garden in Dubai stretches over an area of ​​seventy two thousand square meters, where we find several sections, in which many buildings or wonders and wonders of the world are displayed, but in the way of flowers, there are pyramids built with flowers, and also amazing cars of roses, in addition to building a tower Eiffel is also flowers, the famous Dutch windmills, and other amazing figures like skyscrapers, and old-fashioned cars, all made of exquisitely colored natural roses.

The number of roses in this garden estimated about 45 million flowers, and of various types of roses, and how strange it was for these roses to live and preserve their splendor in light of the climatic conditions of the region, so the heat is severe in this desert region of the country, and for the roses to live and grow, it is It is grown within the framework of the Arab Gulf region, then transferred to this garden, and experts and specialists have been appointed to take care of it to keep its luster and life away from death or wilt.

Visitor reception times

The flower garden in Dubai opens its doors to receive visitors from October to the end of May, every day for a period of twelve consecutive hours, as it opens from ten in the morning until ten in the evening.
What is remarkable about this garden is the presence of a pyramid of flowers up to ten meters long, and it is believed that this garden will enter the Guinness Book of Records as the largest pink pyramid, in addition to the largest wall of roses, which reaches a length of eight hundred meters.


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