Where is the Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower was built to coincide with the occasion of the International Exhibition of Paris in the year 1889 AD, and they named it the 300-meter tower at that time. Meters. It was previously used in scientific experiments, and is currently used as a tower for broadcasting radio broadcasts and television channels.

Where is the Eiffel Tower located?

The Eiffel Tower is located in the capital of France Paris, specifically near the Seine in the far northwest of the Champ de Mars park, and this tower is considered a symbol of the French capital and is considered the first and most visited tourist site in it, and this tower was the highest in the world and the most elevated over 41 Year.

Eiffel Tower construction

The work in the tower was scheduled to take about 12 months, and this is what engineer Gustav Eiffel tried to do, but the completion of this project took nearly twice this period due to the workers’ strike and other technical reasons. The construction of this tower started on January 23, 1887 AD And it ended in March of 1889 AD, that was shortly before the opening of the International Exhibition in Paris, and the number of workers at the site scheduled for construction did not exceed 250, due to the fact that most of the work and preparation of the pieces were done in the factories of the Eiffel companies, which is Levallois Perez, and it was supposed to install 2,500,000 nails, but less than half of them, m Approximately 1,050,846 nails, which were considered temporary nails were put nails made at high temperatures, and the pieces were assembled and built with great effort as it required 50 engineers and 5,300 drawings, and each piece needed 18,038 iron pieces, and built very large concrete bases Huge to support the four legs of the tower in order to reduce the pressure caused by the parts.

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Eiffel Tower workers strike

In 1888 and in September the workers went on strike for several hours, after the work was going as planned and as it should, and the second floor was under construction, they wanted to get higher wages as their low wages do not match the risks they expose themselves to, Their wages were raised, but engineer Gustave Eiffel refused to increase wages with the increase in the work force, saying that the dangers of work are the same, either at 50 meters or 200 meters. And after 3 months of the first strike, another strike occurred, but Gustav got fed up with the strikers and refused to negotiate with them, and the work was actually done as necessary and on time and none of the workers were injured and no deaths were recorded among them, except for a case in which a man died, because he was He has lost his balance and has fallen pretending to his fiancée, but not by work.

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