Where is the Empty Quarter desert?

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The Empty Quarter Desert

The Empty Quarter Desert The Ahqaf Desert is the second largest desert in the world, despite the harsh natural environment in the Empty Quarter Desert, and it is free of human activity and presence, but it contains huge fortunes of oil, natural gas, radioactive minerals, glass sands and solar energy.

Empty Quarter desert site

The Rub Al Khal desert is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Currently, with the newly developed divisions of the Arab regions, it can be said that the Rub al-Khali desert is located in each of the following Gulf countries: the Republic of Yemen, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the United Arab Emirates. As for most of it, it was for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The desert area of ​​the Empty Quarter is estimated to be approximately 600,000 square kilometers.

Advantages of the Empty Quarter desert

The desert of the Empty Quarter is characterized by being a landless desert. All that is in it are sand dunes that rise about 300 meters, but they are constantly moving. The Arab-Muslim writer called it Yacout al-Hamwi, “the oasis of Yibreen,” as it attributed this name to the oasis located in its north. The desert of the Empty Quarter was characterized by the absence of human activities in it, due to its cruelty and difficult natural conditions, which led to the inability of humans to live and practice their activities in them, but the matter has changed today, due to the tremendous wealth discovered in this part of the earth. : Radioactive minerals, oil, natural gas, and the tremendous solar energy that it possesses, other than the presence of glass sand in it. Hence, there were proliferating and exploration stations on its soil, in addition to the large number of prospectors for its hidden resources.

Climate of the Empty Quarter desert

The desert climate of the Empty Quarter is distinguished by its continent. It is very hot in the summer, and very cold in the winter. As for the rains in this region, they are very few, and sandstorms abound on this earth, and the temperatures with great values ​​exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and reach 50 Degrees Celsius, and perhaps at times times the temperature in it exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, which makes it an extremely hot area to an unbearable degree, whereas in winter the temperatures may drop to below zero degrees Celsius, and may reach seven degrees Celsius, hence the temperature In this region, it is extremely sharp, and there is no heat Moderate

Wildlife in the desert of the Empty Quarter

Some types of spiders, rodents, and some different types of plants live on the lands of the Empty Quarter. Also, there are some types of animals, including for example: rabbits, and some migratory birds, including caraway, squid, income, and Qumairi, except for jerboa, and some types of reptiles such as: Snakes, fog. Hence, it formed in this desert a natural reserve, where fishing is prohibited.


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