Where is the fastest train in the world?

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The fastest train in the world

China is building the Fuxing train line, which has a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the only country that has the fastest train in the world, but this train put the country of China a step back in the race track in the fastest operation of the world trains after the unfortunate accident that occurred in 2011, where it reduced speed Fuxing operates from 350 kilometers per hour to 250-300 kilometers per hour, and at the other geographical end of the State of China, Japan still possesses the world record with an experimental train speed of 603 kilometers per hour through its maglev train that bypasses world trains by Sponsored high, but the standard speed remains less than the speed of the Chinese train Vuksing to stay at 320 kilometers per hour, The TGV train in France arrived through the pilot test of the speed of 575 kilometers, but in operating the normal does not exceed the speed of 320 kilometers per hour.

Ranking of the world’s fastest trains

Travel between European countries by train is faster than by plane, and for this reason Japan is seeking to develop the fastest train in the world to be ready by 2020, until then the following list is considered to be the fastest train in the world and ranked according to its speed in descending order:

  • Shanghai Shanghai maglev train with speed of 267 miles per hour.
  • Chinese Fuxing Howe train, which speeds 249 miles per hour.
  • Shinkansen Japanese train with speeds of 224 miles per hour.
  • Italo and Freciarossa Italian train, which has a speed of 220 miles per hour.
  • Spain’s Renfe train, with a speed of 217 miles per hour.
  • The Saudi Al-Haramain train has a speed of 217 miles per hour.
  • The German Duchben train reached a speed of 205 miles per hour.
  • The South Korean Corel train has a speed of 205 miles per hour.
  • The European Eurostar and TGV trains reached 200 mph.
  • European Thales train reached a speed of 186 mph.

Historical facts about the train

Here are some surprising facts about the history of trains around the world:

  • The first train was created in the 1800’s and by James Watt’s invention of the steam train.
  • The percentage of freight freight around the world by train is 40%.
  • The friction distance between the train and the rail is almost no more than the thickness of the iron silver dollar coin.
  • The American locomotive train was originally imported from Britain in 1830 AD until the Americans began manufacturing it in the same year.
  • The first subway was established in London.
  • Britain’s longest train station, with a length of 600 meters.
  • The longest running straight railway in Australia is 478 km long.
  • The United States of America possessed by the year 1840 AD about 60 different railroads along 26 states and a longitudinal total of 4,500 kilometers.


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