Cities in the United Arab Emirates, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have always been characterized by the presence of everything that is new, distinctive and amazing in them, and by the fact that they surprise the world every time they invent something new from buildings, centers, and even the ways of celebrations in various occasions in it and others. One of these innovations is Ferrari World, and Ferrari World is a theme park located in Abu Dhabi, specifically on Yas Island, and the area of ​​this city is approximately 200 thousand square meters and this placed it in the first position in terms of being the largest theme park Covered all over the world, this magnificent city for the entertainment of the public was officially inaugurated in 2010 AD, specifically on the fourth of November. It has the fastest roller coaster game in the world at a speed of about 240 kilometers per hour.

This unique artistic architecture was created by a company called Jack Ross and Associates, based in Cincinnati, America, and designed the vast majority of the games in it. This project was subject to a delay in one of the stages of its establishment, as it was scheduled to open this city in the year 2008 AD, so the delay in starting construction at that time was that, within a period of time and less than two years, the city was finally opened. It was chosen on the twenty-eighth of October 2010 AD as the opening day, but due to the death of the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah City, Saqr bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, on the day before the opening day, it was postponed to November.

This city includes 20 games, namely: Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster game in the world, V12. This is a water roller coaster game inside a Ferrari 599 engine. The G Force game and this tower-like game raises players to a height of 62 meters at high speed and out of the building The game of Skordia Challenge is a game that is made through highly developed simulation devices where a race is played between players with a set of Ferrari cars on a virtual race track, a game of Fiorano GT and this is also a game for roller coaster, a game for the Champions Carousel and these include future experimental designs for cars For Ferrari players can ride and revolve in the game, the game of magic of Italy and in this you can take a tour of a mini version of Italy by Ferrari 250 California mini cars, a game of speed magic in which a four-dimensional fantasy journey into a world of nature.

A car racing school has been established for young people called GT for young people, and this is the first section of the driving school, while the second section of the school includes the Grand Prix for young people from the car racing school for young people, and there is a training camp that includes a play area for youngsters where they can drive the targeted cars remotely Or by playing Ferrari cars made of safe materials. It is also possible to take a tour during the Ferrari factory in Maranello, so that visitors can obtain simple information on how to design and test the Ferrari GT, in addition to six games and other activities.

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