Where is the fortress of the fortress?

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It is one of the castles found in the Asian continent, and it is located in the northwestern part of the Syrian country, and it is located in an area known as Wadi al-Nadara or Al-Nasara in the Syrian governorate of Homs, and is a distance of thirty kilometers to the south on the tourist area of ​​Mashta al-Helu, and is also found between the cities of Homs, And Tartous, and the coordinates of the castle are limited between 34.756944 ° to the north, and 36.294444 ° to the east, and it is considered one of the most important archaeological castles in the Middle East.

the modern history

After the expulsion of the Franks from Jerusalem in the year one thousand two hundred and ninety AD, Deschamps and engineer François surveyed the archeology of the castle in the nineteenth century, and Deschamps received support of sixty soldiers from the French general. Maurice Gemelin, and was able in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four to develop a set of precise, detailed plans for the restoration of the castle, and with the independence of the Syrian countries in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-six the castle was annexed to the World Heritage sites by UNESCO, and it follows my current Then the castle to the Syrian government.

The most important historical events

Nur ad-Din Zangi attempted to seize the castle in the year one thousand one hundred and sixty-three, but he failed to do so, and he returned after three years to occupy it, but his attempt was unsuccessful, and in the year one thousand one hundred and seventy were struck by an earthquake that destroyed parts of the castle, and destroyed its walls, and the Franks built As it was, Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi besieged the castle for a period of up to thirty days, after the victory that he had achieved in his famous battle, Hittin.

In the year one thousand two hundred and two another earthquake occurred, which resulted in the destruction of many parts of the castle, and after that the reconstruction process was completed, and the construction of the Leader’s Tower at the top, the Great Knights Hall, and the Defense Tower in the northern part of the entrance, and Al-Zahir recovered Baybars Castle in the year one thousand two hundred and seventy-one After the monuments were installed, the Syrian opposition managed to seize the castle in the year two thousand and twelve, and the government regained the castle after the withdrawal of the opposition in the year two thousand and fourteen.

Sections of the castle

The castle was built from a group of limestone stones that were moved from an area known as Ammar Al-Hosn, which is four kilometers away.The castle consists of the inner fortress, which is the castle itself, and an inner wall that contains five towers for the purposes of defense, garrison, and an external fortress consisting of halls, stables, and warehouses And rooms for sitting, and thirteen towers, and there are in the castle a hall of knights, a church, warehouses, dormitories for soldiers, a theater in a circular motion, and a tower of the King’s King, and the Mamluk Guard Hall.


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