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The global village

It is a recreational village of the most famous recreational and tourism villages in the region (the Arab world), and it includes 31 pavilions and each pavilion represents a specific country, and also every pavilion provides its guests with a set of amazing events for the country it represents, in addition to the unique shopping atmosphere, and also offers a variety of food options International, in addition to the island of imagination, and has many restaurants and each restaurant offers a set of popular cuisine for the country that belongs to the pavilion, as it includes a lot of fun games, and the current season of the global village will start on the third of November and will close its doors in April for the world of 2016.
The village opens its doors to visitors seven days a week from Saturday to Wednesday, and opens from four in the evening until midnight, and its doors remain open until one in the morning on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays.

The birth and location of the global village

The global village was opened in Dubai in 1997 on the Creek Beach opposite Dubai Municipality, then it was transferred to Oud Metha and then transferred to Dubai Festival City and its location continued until 2005 AD where it was moved on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road at exit number 37 and has been stable there since that time.

Country pavilions in the global village

Country pavilions belong to six main regions:

  • Middle East Region: It includes the Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and UAE pavilions, My Opportunity Pavilion, which provides an opportunity for talented people to showcase their products, the Kuwait Pavilion, Qatar, Iran, and the Khalifa Bin Zayed Humanitarian Foundation Pavilion, which provides assistance to Emirati youth by providing kiosks Help you to display their products.
  • East Asia region: Pavilion Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, the Philippines and Cambodia.
  • Europe region: Europe Pavilion, which offers European souvenirs and souvenirs that express Europe, as well as French shirts, perfumes, and cups bearing the Jacques Union inscription, and the Pavilion of Turkey, Italy and Spain.
  • Africa region: Morocco Pavilion, Tunisia Pavilion, Egypt Pavilion, and Africa Pavilion which includes more than 15 African countries, and these countries offer the traditional products affiliated with them. These countries include Sudan, Tanzania, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mauritania, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa and Nigeria).
  • Americas Region: It includes one wing, the Suite of the Americas, which offers a wide range of products from the North and South American continents, and the facade of the wing is an embodiment of the American Capitol.
  • South Asia region: Pavilion Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

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