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Grand Canyon is located in the northwestern side of the state of Arizona, which is considered one of the United States of America, specifically in the southwestern side of the Colorado Plateau region, where the Colorado River is crossed, which is a deep groove, where the valley is about 446 km long, and its width reaches to what It is approximately 29 km, and rises above sea level about 2,400 feet, as it is a result of corrosion, as it took about 3-6 million years to form.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Valley is one of the most famous and most visited tourist places in the United States of America. It was carved and formed as a result of the erosion of the rocks of the Colorado River Valley, about 20 million years ago. The valley is located on the banks of the river, and it is a suitable place for tourists who want to know the history of the region and understand The nature of life of the indigenous people has ancient ones, and tourists can also practice a range of activities in the area, the most important of which is camping.

Grand Canyon Sky Walk

The walkway is one of the most famous monuments in the Grand Canyon, it is a glass walkway that takes the shape of a horseshoe, reaching a height of approximately 1,220 meters above the floor of the Grand Canyon area, located in Grand Canyon West in the main valley, was opened in 2007, The teacher receives a large group of tourists annually, the teacher was designed by David Jane and is characterized by being a unique and strange engineering marvel.

About the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Valley is divided into two parts: the northern countryside, and the southern countryside, separated between the two edges about 16 km, the northern countryside is characterized by its location near Ottawa, and it includes a group of charming picturesque views, but it is taken that it is not easily accessible, while the southern countryside is distinguished With the presence of airports and trains, in addition to that it is located near the places of movement, the cities of Williamsburg, and Flagstaff located in the state of Arizona, where the climate of the valley is characterized by being semi-arid, where the high plateau is covered with forests, and the valley bottoms that consist of a series of desert basins, and the valley also includes a group Great from Allen Ataat, in addition to a variety of birds up to about 355 birds, and a group of animals, reptiles, and fish.


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