Where is the grave of Kulayb bin Rabia

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Clip bin Rabia

Kulayb is the king of the Arabs in one of the stages of Arab history in the pre-Islamic era. He was killed by one of his relatives, his name is Jassas, and he was buried in an area where the stories differed about it. And the place is close to the battlefield that took place between the two parties.

There is a water well called the Bassous well that is known to the shepherds and the people of the area as mentioned by one of the valley residents, whose name is Mohamed Al-Ghamdi who lives in the area. He said: The grave of Kulaib is in this place and a company working in the area has established a station for the suspended vehicles (Tel Freak). .

Saga story

The Bakr and Thalb tribes, which are cousins, and among the well-known Arab tribes, were able to agree to establish a system under one president named King of the Arabs, so the king organized the affairs of the two tribes and identified the pastures, and imposed his prestige on all, so everyone feared him and counted a thousand accounts for his anger.

Because of the power and pride of Klip, the youth of the city hated it, among them: his cousin Jassas, the reckless young man, and he professed to violate his orders, and a mule spy had a guest with her sister’s sons and with her camel to carry her luggage called Basus, this old man had atrophied in her work of sedition between the two tribes.

Kulaib had assigned to each tribe its pastures that grazed their cattle, and Al-Busous deliberately sent her camel to the pastures of Cattle Clips, so Kulaib learned and instructed one of his shepherd to return the camel to its owners and warn them not to allow this camel to reach the pastures of his sheep, except that Al-Bassous did not comply with the order of the king So, he watched the camel clip again and again, and on one occasion he sent a slave to the camel river, and she trampled on a bird’s nest that was taking care of his daughter, which angered him, so the camel threw an arrow and killed her.

When Al-Bassous learned about this, she began to mourn and incite her nephews to the King Clip, and took advantage of the customs of the Arabs to protect their guest, and upon the return of Jessas and hearing his aunt degrading their fate for their inability to protect them, he took his sword and joined the King Clip in the pastures, and a conversation took place between them, but the clip showed disdain for Jassas, He did not pay attention to him, and Jassas threw him with an arrow and killed him.

During the moments of death, Kulayb wrote verses of poetry on the surface of a rock close to him, to which his people, especially his brother Al-Zeer, would invoke his revenge from Jessas.

Zeer Salem

Al-Zeer Salem, brother of Kulayb, a wine drinker who loves women very much, does not care about the affairs of the tribe, accompanied by Hammam, his elder brother Jassas in the sessions of singing, dancing and drinking, and when the minister learned about the killing of his brother who loved him a lot, he retired drinking and went every day to his brother’s grave and cried pain and sorrow, Even relatives thought that he was not a knight and did not intend to take revenge for his brother, and finally he decided the war and began his rounds of raiding the Jessas tribe, and the war lasted for forty years, which killed many people.


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