Where is the Great Wall of China?

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Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is that wall that lies between the northern border and the northwestern border of the People’s Republic of China, meaning that it runs from Chenhuangtao on the Yellow Sea on the eastern side to the area known as Gaotai in Gansu Province on the western side. To the south side, another wall was created. This wall extended from Beijing to Handen. The length of the Great Wall of China is estimated at approximately two and four hundred kilometers.

The Great Wall of China is one of the most important global sites at all, and it is one of the main tourist attractions in the country of China, and it was chosen to be one of the most prominent and important world heritage sites, as it was chosen to be one of the seven new wonders of the world based on the poll that took place in The year two thousand and seven AD.

Features of the Great Wall of China

One of the most important characteristics of the Great Wall of China is the defensive function for which it was designed and built, as it is a defensive project distinguished by all the meaning of the word, as it is a rare and difficult coin in human architectural history at all. The Great Wall of China was able to show the genius that the ancient Chinese had enjoyed, as well as their patience and flogging in order to complete this large, bulky and distinguished project. It is noteworthy that the construction of the Great Wall of China began nearly two millennia ago.

The Great Wall of China consists of defensive walls, as well as towers for the purpose of observation, other than military barracks for soldiers, strategic corridors, and towers that are used for warning purposes, and this defense system is subject to multi-level military control.

The Great Wall of China passes through many wonderful geographical topography, such as cliffs, mountains, rivers and meadows, and from here the materials from which the wall was built differ according to the region it passes in. In areas of desert nature, the wall is built from local stones, and from certain types of Willow due to the scarcity of bricks and rocks, while the fence is of loose soil, in addition to the unburned clay, in the areas that follow the Yellow Dirt Plateau to the northwestern side of China.

The first parts of this fence were built during the period of Turku Changhu rule, where this construction allowed them to protect their property from the attacks of both the Turk and the Mongols, and after China unified in two hundred and twenty two BC, the speed of construction of the fence increased, and it is reported that its construction required more participation Over three hundred thousand Chinese workers, and has undergone improvements and developments over successive years.


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