Where is the half-moon beach?

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An Arab Islamic state is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, located in southwest Asia, bordered to the north by Iraq, Jordan, and Kuwait, and to the east by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which is connected to Saudi Arabia through the King Fahd Bridge located on the Arabian Gulf and Qatar, and Oman to the southeast. And Yemen from the south.

historical location

In Saudi Arabia, there are several historical tourist areas famous for it, such as:

  • Al-Masmak Fort: Al-Masmak Fort was built in 1895 by Prince Abdul Rahman bin Dabaan upon his assumption of the Emirate of Riyadh. Al-Masmak Fort is considered one of the most important features that history left in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Riyadh, as it occupies a special place in it.
  • The National Museum: This museum was established in Riyadh since the beginning of the eighties, by the architect Raymond Moriyama, only the idea of ​​designing for this national museum came from the shapes and colors of the sand dunes of red sand outside Riyadh, and the idea of ​​design came to remain a national landmark in Riyadh in particular, and at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia in general; it contributes to increasing awareness and scientific culture.
  • Madain Saleh: It is an archaeological site located in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Medina, specifically in the Al-Ula governorate, and was known as the ancient city of Al-Hajar. These monuments include a rocky carved facade, and also includes Islamic monuments, and the remains of the Hijaz railway.

Half moon beach

Half-moon beach is considered one of the most beautiful and most beautiful tourist places in Al Khobar, Dammam and Dhahran, and it is located in the eastern region whose coasts are famous for the longest in the Gulf region, and is located specifically near the city of Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia, and it was called “Half Moon” from the first westerners who were working In the field of oil exploration of Saudi Aramco.

The reason it is called the Half-Moon Beach or Half Moon is due to the shape of the half-moon-like beach, which is a quiet and beautiful beach, which visitors intend to take a walk in from all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to entertain themselves, and there are many services available on this beach for its visitors.

This beach is a place dedicated to teaching scuba diving, as it is intended for the elderly and young people for camping and the many families for walks, fishing in a variety of ways such as grouper, and to enjoy the picturesque atmosphere in it, because of the beauty of its climate and its moderation.

There is a Holiday Inn Hotel and Resort in Al Khobar, where this resort is located in Al Khobar, which is considered a four-star and is characterized by its beautiful views of the Half Moon Bay, and it has modern air-conditioned rooms that have a beautiful view from their large windows on a picturesque garden, and these rooms include three swimming pools.

This resort offers sports clubs with a playground and gyms, and a sports field intended for children only. It also provides small boats for hire that run through pedals to discover what’s inside the water.


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