Where is the half moon beach?

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Our homeland includes many beautiful and picturesque places that people visit, whether they are from within the Arab countries or from outside, for their beauty and tranquility and the services provided in them. We find many people go to these places in times of vacations and leisure time to rest and recuperate, and to have an enjoyable and quiet time away from the pressures of life And work.

And spread these places in different regions of the country, and many examples and varied, vary between resorts and beaches and others, and one of the most famous examples of picturesque beaches in the Arab world is the half-moon beach, which we will get to know through our article.

Half moon beach

It is one of the prominent tourist attractions in the Arab world, and it is called Half Moon or “Half Moon” as the West called it in relation to its curved shape that resembles half of the moon, so that its lands facing the sea in the form of a curved arc, and this gives the sunset a fascinating sight that captures the eyes and hearts In that place.

It is estimated that the coastline of this beach is approximately 700 km, to be the longest coast in the Arabian Gulf region. On the opposite side of this beach, we find many sand dunes that are often intended for amateurs, and adventurers who practice their sport with four-wheel drive cars on the sand, in addition to The nature of this beach is charming as it also includes many entertainment games cities that many intend to entertain themselves, and the most famous of these cities is Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Entertainment City, and Aziziyah Games City.

This beach is a suitable location for practicing many types of sports, such as marine sports, in addition to horse riding and riding motorcycles, and this picturesque beach includes many tourist resorts that witness great demand, especially on days and vacations, and also includes the coastal city of King Fahd, which includes several Indoor halls designated for games.

Half-moon beach is a suitable place to conduct many sports races, as most races are in the field of drifting (a sport in which cars are driven on the sand dramatically to attract attention around them), in addition to many places suitable for camping, and it is considered one of the most Suitable places to learn and practice diving, as the Bay of Half Moon Bay is characterized by its absence of craters, the presence of many shallow entrances in it, and the small presence of large sharks, and this beach is known for hunting the Great Hamour.

After we knew all that information about the half-moon beach, we must know its location, it is located near the city of Khobar in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in the east of the kingdom on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and the eastern region is the largest and richest of Saudi regions With oil.


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