Where is the Hawaiian Islands located on the map?

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Hawaii is located in the North American continent and it is a state affiliated with the United States of America. It is located in the far south of the American states and is not bordered by any state of the United States due to the fact that it is an island located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by water in all its aspects. About 1,211.537 million people, and the island of Hawaii consists of a large number of islands close to each other and the city of Honolulu is one of its largest cities and its capital.

Hawaiian Islands historically

The state of Hawaii was an independent government in its own right during the period between 1810 – 1893 A.D. After the revolution against government by foreign residents and the overthrow of the monarchy therein, it turned into an independent republic between 1894-1898 AD, and then the United States annexed its lands to be a state of Its states, despite not sharing the borders with them

Hawaiian Islands geographically

Hawaii is formed of 23 islands of different size between large and small, and the largest of which is the island of Ohio in which the capital Honolulu, Maui Island and Hawaii Island has been formed. Sometimes 13,000 feet, the most famous of which is the summit of the volcano, and its climate varies with the locations of its islands. Some of them are characterized by a tropical climate and others are characterized by precipitation throughout the year.

Hawaiian tourism

Hawaiian tourism is the most important source of income for the state and the main reason for the recovery of its economy.

Higher educational system

The Hawaiian Islands lack the universities and colleges in them. Most of their students go to find work after completing their schooling. Those who wish to complete their university education resort to travel to other states to obtain university degrees.

general information

92% of the population of the Hawaiian Islands enjoy comprehensive health insurance due to the decisive laws that the state imposed on companies and factories to provide comprehensive family health insurance for those who work in it, and this is considered the best health model in the United States of America that seeks to generalize it in all states of the United States. Most of the island’s people work in tourism and fishing due to the fish wealth scattered on its long coasts.


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