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Head of righteousness

Ras El Bar is one of the small Egyptian cities that are located on the coasts of the Mediterranean in Damietta Governorate in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Nile and its mouth meet in the Mediterranean in Ras El Bar through a land extension called “the tongue”, in the past and before the Arab conquest it was known Ras al-Bar on behalf of (Damietta Island), and after Al-Maqrizi visited it he called it (Marj Al-Bahrain), and the reason for calling it by this name is that when we look at the map of Egypt, we find that Ras al-Bar is the first city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from Egypt side and advanced in the sea, It is shaped like a tongue in the sea, which makes it a head of righteousness in the sea Average t.

Its history

The city of Ras al-Bar was discovered in 1828, where Sufi elders and their followers were walking in groups to the north along the Nile River in order to celebrate the birth of their master Jerba in the area of ​​al-Jarba in the south of Ras al-Bar, where merchants came to Ras al-Bar to meet their ships coming from their trip And saw the vanguards of the resort as they were mystics, and they continued in this beautiful and quiet place that gives self-confidence, meditation and worship.

Many families go out in the summer using sailing ships across the Nile, docking in Ras El-Bar, hiking, exercising and fishing and hunting there; they built huts made of papyrus confining in them, and in 1965 Ras El Bar was taken as a summer resort in the form of organized rows between the beach and the sea, then Turned into wood and construction nests.

The German scientist (Koch) came to Ras al-Barr in 1883 and wrote about it, a report containing its content that Ras al-Barr is a distinguished and famous resort because its location is characterized by beauty, its beaches are golden and its air is dry and pure, and is characterized by the calmness of the place and its distance from noise and disturbance, and the lack of moisture of its shores compared to the Egyptian beaches, in addition to To the large amount of iodine in its air.

During 1891, two French people, one of them a man named “Balkan”, and a woman called “Cortil” created a restaurant near Sheikh Youssef Tabiah in addition to the establishment of the first hotel called “Raqq” in the middle of the resort to attract tourists, then other hotels were built, and in 1902 it was placed A simple resort map showing nests, markets and more.

Ras al-Bar currently

Ras al-Bar has become today on the tourist map of Egypt one of the most famous resorts of the Republic of Egypt and the most important in Damietta Governorate, where it recently witnessed a huge development in its various services and facilities, and the projects that were erected on it made it one of the greatest summer resorts in Egypt; To enjoy its charming nature, in which there are no factories or any other source of pollution, it is a beautiful tourist establishment with its gardens, green areas and palm trees, and there are some religious sites as well.


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