Where is the headquarters of UNICEF?

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Since wars began to erupt and childhood is in danger, as wars coincide with violations of children’s rights and injustice until UNICEF and the United Nations Children’s Fund came to restore and protect the rights of children, the First World War was followed by unprecedented persecution of children who alerted and awakened countries to save and assist children To recover and move forward to build a pure and equal society.

The idea

The United Nations drew on the idea of ​​UNICEF from its program that was being provided in the period after the Second World War in Europe, as it provided short-term relief for children, to evolve the idea at the United Nations International Fund for Childhood with the establishment of the United Nations Children’s Fund on the eleventh of December of the year 1946, after the idea was voted unanimously in the first session of the United Nations General Assembly, and symbolized by an acronym in the English letters UNICEF, which is an abbreviation of the English words (United Nation Childrens Emergency Fund), and this UNICEF exercises its activities in protecting children and achieving shelves They are in one hundred and fifty-eight countries, which are considered the first source of funding with the participation of civil society organizations, including partners from international non-governmental organizations, and UNICEF has continued its work in the field of protecting children and promoting their welfare after the end of the Second World War, due to its characteristic as being the only government agency For children in particular, UNICEF is based in Anthony Lake, based in New York, capital of the United States of America, and has been operating since 1959 until this moment, and works in the offices of the organization in 158 countries, nearly more than seven Thousands of people.


The United Nations Children’s Fund has expanded its sights to include all the children of the world, in all parts of the earth, and this expansion came due to the ongoing diseases and poverty children face, and it is mentioned that UNICEF’s mission is extremely important in protecting children and working to bring their rights to them, and by 1953 the organization was Seven years of age have not yet taken place, as it then covered only one hundred countries. Five years later, the United Nations Children’s Rights Organization announced in 1959 that childhood is being violated due to widespread poverty, disease, and hunger among children, and accordingly it was decided in 1960 to pay Nutrition, health, education and labne issues The basic importance in the family is the first and most important importance, and after five years of that, the organization won the Nobel Peace Prize, which made it the focus of attention of the whole world, as it worked during this period to save lives by providing micronutrients, iodine, vitamin A, and iron supplements.

Fifteen years later, the state of silence was declared in 1980, after the death of fifteen million children around the world, under circumstances and causes that could be avoided and prevented, and a revolution arose to demand the need to preserve and preserve the life of the child, as the organization of “Days of Tranquility” started. It came up with the slogan “Education for All”, meaning children in conflict-stricken areas, and this was a call to mobilize for global development when HIV among women and children, in particular, broke out in 1990, and world leaders gathered at the World Summit for Children, which came On the sidelines of the agreement h Childhood, which is considered one of the most accredited international treaties, the conference included a review of the genocide and trafficking in children that are being subjected to children that deprive them of their basic rights, but in the last fifteen years of 2000-2015, the Millennium Development Goals had been taken The prestige of a global development project for fifteen years, and was characterized by the youth leadership in participating in the United Nations Special Session on Children.

the work

The one hundred and twenty-six UNICEF country offices are deployed in member countries to serve several countries, which each office in turn achieves the mission entrusted to it by the parent organization UNICEF through cooperation with the host country of the office to launch a unique program of cooperation between them which is five years In turn, it focuses on practical and concrete ways to give women and children their rights, and a report is issued that analyzes the needs of both women and children and is prepared at the beginning of each program cycle, and UNICEF and its actions to maintain and give women and children their rights is a leading organization in The whole world regarding advocacy and victory for children’s issues.


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