Where is the Hermel pyramid?

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The Hermel Pyramid is located to the south of the Lebanese city of Hermel, where it is approximately ten kilometers away from it, and Hermel is the center of the judiciary known by its name in the governorate of Baalbek Hermel, where it is located to the northeast of the Lebanese territory, as it is about one hundred and forty-three kilometers away from Beirut Approximately.

Building the Hermel pyramid

The Hermel Pyramid, or as it is known as the Khazouk, or Hermel’s funnels, is an almost pyramidal structure, rising about twenty-six meters above the surface of the earth, and it is built of only one block, has no door or port, and the length of the base of the Hermel pyramid is estimated at about one meter Almost forty centimeters, which is made up of three layers made of black marble, this base is surmounted by three floors as follows:

  • A square-shaped basement, rising approximately seven meters and eighty centimeters, which is decorated with reliefs surrounded by columns on all sides.
  • A square floor, sixty centimeters in height, and its four sides are decorated with beautiful, symmetrical columns.
  • An upper floor that has the shape of a pyramid, rises by about the naming of meters and about sixty centimeters, and was decorated with attractive art paintings engraved on its walls, as this floor was decorated with carved pictures and faces of several kings, where a number of them symbolize the process of hunting pigs and other wild animals, except That all the pictures and drawings that were found inscribed on a pyramid are devoid of the presence of hunters, and this is a milestone in these drawings, where the hunters were replaced by hunting tools such as spears, arrows, etc., along with dogs, which archaeologists have not been able to explain to this day.

The pyramid of Hermel dates back to the time of the Roman rule of this region, where the name of the town is due to Aramaic roots, as this word means hierum or the pyramid of God, and a hierarch derived from the Greek language, specifically from Aroma, one of the Greek vocabulary, which means the good of God, or the oasis of hunters It was called by this name due to the large number of animal species that were present in this region. As for the word Hermel in the Arabic language, it means the old woman in a state of relaxation, as the old camel means that of the old age.

There are many news and speculations that were associated in one way or another with this pyramid, so it was circulated and circulated that the construction of this pyramid came to honor the son of one of the kings of the Persian state, where he died in the hands of a wild boar during a trip from his hunting trips, where it is believed that this place where it was built This shrine is the same place where the son died.


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