Jamaica island

Jamaica Island is one of the countries of the North American continent, and is considered part of the Greater Antilles. This island is located in the Caribbean Sea, in the south of the State of Cuba, and to the west of the States of Haiti and Hispaniola Dominican Island, and the land area of ​​this island reaches more than eleven thousand square kilometers.

This country is part of the Commonwealth of Nations still under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II, and the capital of this country is Kingston City, and it was formerly a Spanish colony until it was acquired by Britain to this day. Jamaica was named by this name according to the language of Urawakan and Taino indigenous country, which means land of wood and water, and also means land of springs. The economy of this country is still developing; it depends mainly on agriculture, financial services, insurance services, and mining.

the climate

The general climate of the state is a tropical climate. The general weather is hot and humid in coastal areas, while the interior is somewhat humid. Jamaica is located within the hurricane belt in the Atlantic Ocean, where several hurricanes struck, causing massive human and material losses, such as Hurricane Charlie and Hurricane Gilbert.


The population of this island reached more than two million and eight hundred thousand people, and it is the third country in North America in terms of the number of its speakers in the English language, preceded by the United States of America and Canada, in addition to the African Creole language.

There are African origins for the islanders who represent the largest percentage of them, as they have some Chinese, German, British, and other ethnicities. The official religion in the country is the Christian religion, although there is a good percentage of Muslims and Baha’is, and it is worth noting that the Islamic religion in this period is rapidly spreading, and the current number of Muslims in it is estimated at about five thousand people. It should be noted that this country suffers from a problem with a high crime rate and contains a significant percentage of homosexuals who suffer from the oppression of their society by them.


Jamaica is famous for its Western arts and culture, which attract tourists in large numbers, except for the important tourist attractions in the country, as it has many coastal beaches that extend to the Caribbean Sea, and one of the most important tourist places is the Palace of Flowers and the Tomb of the Magician. There is also Croydon Ranch, which lies on the slopes of the “Katadoba” mountains, which are distinguished by its rare and exotic trees and plants.

Other important tourist attractions in the country are the craft market located in the Gulf of Montego, and the EmanciAl Bahahn Park which is located in the city of Kingston, which is a green yard with vast areas for practicing all the strange hobbies.

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