Where is the island of Malta located?

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Island of Malta

It is one of the three largest islands that make up the Maltese archipelago, and it is a world famous tourist destination, where annual tourism numbers are estimated at about 1.2 million tourists. The island’s interest in tourism infrastructure has helped to encourage tourism, there are many hotels, resorts, and wonderful views of the hills. Beautiful lowlands that overlook the fields, which increase the island’s attractions, as well as its beautiful and temperate climate where the temperature ranges between 16 and 26 degrees.

Where is the island of Malta located?

Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, to the south of Italy and to the north of Libya, and it is actually within the African continent, but it is one of the islands of the European Union, and the island has a total area of ​​246 km2, and the island consists of a group of small cities, and its capital is the city of Valletta The city of Urmia is one of its largest.

The population of Malta

The population of the island is about 409,259 people, as European and North African origins constitute approximately 90% of the Maltese people, while the rest are formed of Italian and British origins, and Arab features appear on the population of Malta, especially women, while the language used in the island is considered the Maltese language It is the official language for it, and the origins of this language are due to the Semitic language from the dissolved Arabic dialect of Sikul. Arabic words constitute more than 40% of the Maltese language, and the majority of the population adheres to 98% of the Christian Catholic religion, and there are 360 ​​cathedrals and Christian churches in the island.

The economy of Malta

The economy of Malta is classified as a developed economy according to the International Monetary Fund IMFAs the old Maltese economy depended mainly on cotton, tobacco, shipbuilding, and export export, now the Maltese economy relies on foreign trade as a transit shipping point, and it also depends on manufacturing industries such as electronics and textiles, as well as its great dependence. On domestic and foreign tourism.

A brief history of Malta

The peaceful island of Malta has not been known for long periods of its ancient history. Nations occupied it and subjected to successive invasions because of its strategic location. For more than seven thousand years, the island was considered a refuge for many sailors coming from the neighboring Italian island of Sicily, then followed by the control of the ancient Lebanese Phoenicians. Those who continued their rule of the island for nearly 600 years, until the Carthaginians settled there after that, and the Romans followed them until all the islands were annexed during the fourth century of the Eastern Roman Empire, then the Byzantine Empire, until the Arabs took control of them. For the year 1870 CE, it remained under their control for more than two consecutive centuries, until they were driven out during the Crusades in the year 1091 AD that were led by Frederick II.

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