Where is the Jamaica Islands?

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Jamaica is considered an island of the Greater Antilles, and the third largest island in the Caribbean, which is located in the northwest of the Caribbean Sea, and does not share its land borders with any country, but it is about 145 km from southern Cuba, and 191 km from the west of Hispaniola Island, where Haiti and the Republic Dominican Republic. Jamaica Island is located at latitudes 17 ° and 19 ° North, and longitudes 76 ° and 79 ° West, and an area of ​​11,100 km.

The climate of Jamaica

Jamaica is distinguished by its tropical and diverse climate, and some regions are characterized by a moderate climate, such as: the upper interior areas, and coastal breezes blow to the beach, during the day, and at sea at night, and the gusts reach the island from the mainland of North America, from the month of Canon The first to the month of March, as the mountains cause changes in temperature, but with a slight change from one season to another, and temperatures on the coasts can reach about 32 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperatures in high peaks are about 4 degrees Celsius, and monsoon rains fall, In the months of October And, in May, the average annual rainfall in the whole island is around 2,100 mm.

Jamaica’s population

Jamaica has a population of 2,897,611 people on May 16th in 2020, based on the latest estimates of the United Nations, which is equivalent to 0.04% of the total population of the world. With a small percentage of the population of African origin, Europeans, and a small number of people whose origins date back to India, China, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Germany, English is the official language in Jamaica, and the Jamaican Creole is also used, which is used in its vocabulary And its rules on the English language .


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