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Libraries are one of the signs of development and progress in nations that all civilizations have cared about since the beginning of blogging and the spread of books and manuscripts in the world. Libraries are one of the best investments that a person can invest in. Investing in libraries is an investment in human minds and a way to provide information and improve thought for the whole society And this is why we see the major societies of every age containing the largest libraries in the world, and so too are the current times as well.

American Library of Congress

The largest library in the world is the American Library of Congress, which is the largest office in the world. The Library of the American Congress was established in the year 1800 AD, and in 1814 the British forces burned the main building of the library, burning about three thousand copies of books, and in 1815 the library purchased The Thomas Jefferson Private Library is the third president of the United States of America and one of its founders, which contained about 6,500 books for 24,000 USD.

Its contents

The library currently contains more than one hundred and sixty million different pieces, including 37 million books, millions of films, manuscripts, various documents and even musical instruments. The library consists of approximately 1,350 km of book shelves, and it is still growing continuously, as the library Currently, it receives around 12,000 different items daily, in different ways, whether through gifts, purchase of parts, or others.

Its offices are around the world

Since the sixties of the last century, the Library of Congress has opened various offices around the world in more than sixty countries to collect various items from around the world, so there are materials in more than 470 languages ​​from around the world, which constitute more than half of the library’s contents, so the library contains On more than six hundred thousand copies in blogging languages ​​that are not due to Romen origins, and which were collected from the Middle East and African countries, namely, from our Arab countries in particular, in addition to more than three million purposes from Asian countries, in addition to the largest collection of Articles in Russian outside Russia and T approximately seven hundred and fifty thousand items and this in addition to books from other places in the world, like States Latin America and the European and others.

Anecdotes are in them

The Law Library contains about three million copies in relation to the law, some of which are very rare books or one of the rarest books in law around the world. The library also contains many manuscripts and rare books from around the world; it contains nearly a hundred rare books from books Children like the Gospel of Children printed in Philadelphia in 1763 AD, and it contains the smallest book in the world, and the largest book in the world, and it contains the oldest models on printing in the world that were printed in 770 BC, and the Gutenberg Bible, which the library bought in 1930 AD; it is considered one of its treasures.

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