Where is the largest number of obelisks in the world?

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They are stone pillars, in the form of long memorials, and they are composed of four sides, the top of which is like a pyramid, some of which are built from one stone, others from multiple stones, and in the world there are many obelisks of amazing beauty, historical and archaeological, and the largest number of obelisks in the world is in Italy, in which there are twelve obelisks, including eight obelisks in the city of Rome alone, and they are Pharaonic obelisks, the highest length is about forty-seven meters, and it is worth noting that in Rome in addition to the eight Pharaonic obelisks there are eight other imitated non-Pharaonic obelisks, and in France it was found Four Pharaonic Obelisks In the Turkish city of Istanbul, there are two Pharaonic obelisks, and in the city of London one Pharaonic obelisk, and in New York City one Pharaonic obelisk, and only five obelisks remain in Egypt! The obelisk of Hammurabi, which was present in ancient Iraq, is the oldest obelisk ever, and it contains laws concerning human history written on it. As for the largest Egyptian pharaonic obelisk, it is the obelisk that is located in Rome in the Vatican City, and its height is thirty-two meters.

The most famous obelisks of the world

  • Obelisk Hatshepsut obelisk It is an obelisk with a broken head, found in Luxor, Egypt.
  • Obelisk of Ramesses the Second Located in Luxor Temple.
  • Obelisk of Pharaoh Senusert the First Located in Cairo.
  • Obelisk of the city of Petra : It is located in the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, and it is an obelisk from the time of the Nabateans.
  • Obelisk of Tuthmosis the Third : In Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Obelisk in the Vatican : In Rome, it is also called the Obelisk of St. Peter’s Square, and was transported to Rome, by order of the Emperor Augustus.
  • The Kilo Petra Obelisk: It is in London.
  • Hatshepsut obelisk in Paris : In the field “La Concorde”.
  • Obelisk from Luxor in Paris : It weighs two hundred and eighty tons.
  • The mural obelisk In Istanbul, Turkey, it is thirty-two meters high, and Constantine VI built it.
  • Obelisk of the arrow In Rome, Italy, it is the largest Egyptian obelisk, built of one stone, and built by Constantine II.
  • Obelisks of Luxor Or as the twin obelisks are called, one located in the city of Luxor in Egypt, and the other was transferred to Paris, and it is called the kilo needle, and they are among the greatest obelisks in the world, and they are more than three thousand years old, and they are made of red granite and engraved on them Decorations in the hieroglyphic language.
  • Obelisk of the Temple of Ra Atom in Egypt It is also called Heliopolis Obelisk, and Senusert I built it.
  • The Washington Monument : And this obelisk is found in America, and it is the tallest obelisk ever, and its length is about one hundred and seventy meters.
  • Obelisk of Buenos Aires : This obelisk is found in Argentina, and it is one of the most beautiful obelisks in the world.
  • Obelisk bed our answers : in India.
  • Obelisk of Axum, Ethiopia : One of the most famous obelisks in the world.
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