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The largest pyramid in the world

The pyramid of Khufu located in the Egyptian Giza Brigade is the oldest, and the largest pyramid in the world, and it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world in the world, as it is the tallest man-made structure in the world whose age reaches more than three thousand and eight hundred years, and the pyramid is a tomb for a family The Egyptian Pharaoh, the pyramid was built over twenty years since the year five hundred and eighty after two thousand and to the year five hundred and sixty after two thousand BC, and reaches a height of one hundred and sixty-four meters and a half meters, and the size reaches a size of 2583283 cubic meters, and its mass reaches five million and nine ten Than a million tons, the original entrance’s height reaches The pyramid is seventeen meters long, and there is a descending corridor length ninety six centimeters, and another high corridor length of one meter and four centimeters, and its coordinates are between 29 ° 58′45.03 ″ to the north, and 31 ° 08′03.69 ″ to the east, and many construction techniques have been used While constructing it, these techniques are based on the idea that the pyramid was built in such a way as to move the huge stones from the quarry, and then pull it and raise it to its place.

Pyramid components

Limestone were used in the pyramid, which weighs five and a half million tons, and granite which weighs from twenty-five to eighty tons, and these stones transported an estimated eight hundred kilometers from the Aswan area to Giza, and half a million mortar shells were also used in the construction process, These stones were coated with polished white limestone, and during the year three hundred and three after one thousand AD a huge earthquake struck many of the stones of the outer shell, which was captured by Nasser al-Hassan in the year three hundred and fifty-six after one thousand; for mosques and castles in the Egyptian capital Cairo as a touch D malachite.

Queen’s room and exhibition

The Queen’s Chamber is located halfway between the north and south sides, and the length from the north to the south reaches five meters and seventy-five centimeters, and the length from the east to the west is five meters and twenty-three centimeters, and the room is characterized by a pointed roof, and the north and south walls contain the shafts that have explored In the year ninety-nine after the millennium by the German engineer Rudolf using a crawling robot, it was used to explore the room a small snake camera that uses optical fibers, through which the angles can be seen, and all sides of the room were displayed through it, and wak I saw hieroglyphs written in red, and there is finally the upper gallery of the right side of the hole near the ceiling lead to a short tunnel, consisting floor rack containing fifty-four slot, and still explain the existence of these openings is unjustified so far.

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