Where is the longest bridge in the world?

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The longest bridge in the world

The Milo Viaduct bridge, located in the north of France, is the longest bridge in the world, with a length of 343 meters and spanning four passes, and it is distinguished that it is longer than the International Eiffel Tower. This bridge was opened in December of 2004 AD, and the main reason behind its construction was the congestion caused by Traffic from France to Spain, and back from Spain to France.

Building the bridge

The construction of the bridge began in December of 2001, and the construction of the huge pavements supporting the road over the valley floor was the first stage that was focused on during the construction of this bridge, then the concrete pavements were built layer by layer, where each layer was individually built in the form of a hollow rod, The back was built using steel, and concrete together to give it additional support. As for the masts above the road, they were built as whole units, then they were directed to their designated location and attached to the back of the road, and the masts were attached to the surface through eight steel wires from each direction.

Construction date of the bridge

The rate of congestion in the French village of Millau near the road between Paris and Spain is high as a result of cars that people drive to and from France and Spain on holidays every year, and discussion began to solve this problem in 1987 and 1991, and the construction of a bridge over the Tarn River Valley was the first Ideas available to solve them. Then the French government held consultations with architects and engineers from 1993 to 2001 AD to develop studies and offer competitive designs until the appropriate design was found and construction of the bridge began. Construction began on the twenty-sixth of October 2001, and began Building the first sidewalks in the month of Ka The second November of the year 2002, and it ended in the month of November of the year 2003 AD, while the road was completed in May of the year 2004, and it was opened in December of the year 2004 AD.


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