Where is the longest street in the world?

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Young Street

Young Street is known as Youth Street, Ontario Street, and it is located in the North American continent, specifically in Canada, and it is the main arterial road that connects the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto to Lake Simcoe, and thus it is considered the gateway to entry to the upper regions of the Great Lakes, and reaches a length of eighty-six miles Meters, making it the longest street in the world, and the street passes in many cities, which are Toronto, Vaughan, Markham and Barry, Richmond Hill, Twilight, Newmarket, East Willembury and West Bradford.

Its history

The street’s construction date back to the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. The street has undergone many changes, as the project to extend the street to Bari Bay began in one thousand eighteen and twenty four, and these extensions were completed after three years of work had passed, and in the one thousand eight hundred Fifty-two military garrison in the city of Benetanguishon was withdrawn, and one year later a railway was built along the road between Toronto and Bari Bay, which runs to Collingwood.

Entering the Guinness Book of Records

There were near the street in the year one thousand nine hundred and nineteen groups of roads that run from Bari to Aurelia, so Minister Frank Campbell Biggs planned to establish the Ontario Highway Division, which aims to extend the street to eleventh Street, after which the people in charge of the street submitted a request to announce it The longest street in the world with a length of one thousand eight hundred and ninety six kilometers, but this claim was rejected because Young Street is a street separate from eleventh Street (Highway) because it is synonymous with it, then a set of changes were made on the street to connect it correctly With eleventh highway, and In the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Guinness World Records recognized it as the longest street in the world.

Its importance

The street played an important role in many Canadian events, as it was a place for marches, various demonstrations, and a gathering place for the Winter Olympics fans during the years of two and two thousand and ten, as the victors worked in both sessions as a procession of buses and cars; to celebrate the victory, while raising flags and banners Their countries, and parts of the street were closed during annual festivals and free concerts, and it was a place to revive the celebrations of famous Canadian singers such as Johnny Mitchell, Jordan Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn and rapper Kevin Breton.


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