Where is the longest street in the world?

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Young Street

Young Street is the longest street in the world, it is located in the province of Ontario in Canada, and it is called the Youth Street, and its length is 86 million meters, and its extension from Lake Ontario to Lake Simco, so it was called the longest street in the world, which is an important artery of the city’s arteries Toronto in Canada, and there are many cities that pass through Young Street, which are Toronto, Vaughan, Markham and Barry, Richmond Hill, Twilight, Newmarket, East, Willembury and West Bradford.

Its importance

Young Street is the first place to find a subway in Canada, and the line that separates eastern and western parts on the streets of Toronto and York City, and Young Street is one of the most important national and historical monuments in the city of Toronto, in this street a lot of things that lead to He drew the attention of the visitor, as a lot of theatrical performances and theaters on this street.

Created it

Young Street was established in 1974, and many changes were made to this street, where it was extended until it reached Bari Bay in the year 1824, where these extensions were completed and completed after work for a period of three years since the beginning of work on it, was established Railway is on this street and this railway runs between the road leading to Toronto, Bari Bay.

Its history

This street witnessed an important and significant role in many of the events that were happening in Canada, where many marches and demonstrations that were for different goals took place, and it was a theater for fans of the Olympic Games in 2000 and 2010, where the fans of these Olympics held concerts to mark the victory in these games And they carried the Canadian dream, and there were many free concerts and festivals in this street, which often led to the closing of certain places on the street, and many Canadian artists worked many parties on this street, so all these and other events made Yong Street An important and visible street CNN in Canada.

Entering the Guinness Book

In 1919 there were many roads near Yonge Street that connected and extended from Bari to Orillia, and the minister during this period considered establishing and establishing the Ontario Department of Public Roads, and the goal is to extend this street to the street called eleventh Street, and who The workers and those in charge of this street, by making it and calling it the longest street, were not approved, because Young Street is completely separate from eleventh Street, but after that it was modified to be linked with eleventh Street, and then it was entered as Guinness World Records.

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