Where is the longest tunnel in the world

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The longest tunnel in the world

Tunnels are a means that saves time and money on passengers, especially tunnels, where people, cars and goods are transported very quickly and with less money compared to other means of transport. The tunnels shorten distances and save time and effort, and began to be widely adopted throughout the world for their economic and environmental benefit over the country so we see them They make money and effort to build these tunnels even if they need millions of dollars and tens of years to complete.


The longest tunnel in the world, “Gutar”, must be mentioned in the train tunnel, which is more than 57 km long, and passes down the Gotthard mountain range extending along the Alps in Switzerland, Europe according to the plan will be opened in 2016 and will be the longest tunnel in the world at that time .

The reason for building the tunnel

The reason for its construction is due to the suffocating crisis caused by cargo trucks that pass through the country, due to the strategic location of Switzerland, where a lot of trucks pass from eastern Europe to western and vice versa, aside from the crowded traffic of citizens and tourists cars, and also the main goal is to increase energy Total transport across the Alps, especially for freight, especially between Germany and Italy, and in particular to transport freight quantities by rail to reduce environmental damage caused by the number of increasing heavy truckloads, and there is a secondary benefit which is reducing the travel time of passenger trains from Zori Take to Milan for about an hour, from Zurich to Lugano, for an hour and 40 minutes.

brief history

Since 1998, planning for a way to reduce congestion inside the city, and a road from the Alps to reduce distances and transfer freight to this road began, as the drops were the ideal solution for transporting passengers and freight to reduce congestion, so they made many train stations to divert the congestion line from the city, but these trains did not Significantly reduces the problem, allocating approximately $ 10.3 billion, a group of explosives specialists, engineers, tunnel experts, and workers from all over the world to build the world’s largest subway project. Almost 2,500 people participate in its construction, eight of whom died during excavation work.

Tunnel design

This project has many benefits that reduce distances and save time, effort and money, as it reduces the pressure of tens of thousands of tons that are transported by road through the Alps in trucks every day, so the engineers dug 13 million cubic meters of mountain rocks, which is equivalent to five times The size of the largest pyramid in Egypt, and to ensure public safety in the tunnel and avoid disasters such as fires and collapses, they built three tunnels for trains and a third tunnel for maintenance, emergency, and ventilation operations to ensure that people exit from the tunnels safely.


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