Where is the Mall of Arabia located?

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Many are the commercial malls in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which are considered one of the most important elements of tourist attraction in the country, in addition to forming the economic nerve of the country, which would raise the state’s revenues, providing it with another type of financial support, on the basis of which it will be established Most of the malls and malls in the world, as is the case with Mall of Arabia.


Mall of Arabia is located in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, specifically in the Sixth of October City, in Juhayna Square, and in the vicinity of this mall we find several hotels, such as Helnan Dreamland Hotel, as well as the Novotel Six October Hotel, and Swiss Inn Pyramids Golf Resort Cairo, in addition to the hotel and casino Mövenpick, which is known as Media Production City, and many others.

Mall of Arabia opened in the Egyptian capital on the twenty-fourth day of December of the year two thousand and ten AD, that is, on Christmas Day when Christians of the world celebrate, as this mall is the largest commercial gathering in the city, as it includes a large number of shops, in addition to Many telecommunications companies, as well as a large number of banks, as we find cinemas, and very large numbers of restaurants if they are for international or even popular companies, not to mention the places designated for sports, as well as places for games, in addition to the large-sized dancing water fountain, and no Forget about pain Car garage that can accommodate a large number.

Transportation to Mall of Arabia

There are several ways from which we can reach the Mall of Arabia, where we find from the Ramses region, and the Ramses October bus can be used, until we reach the position of Ahmed Helmy, and by this we have arrived, either from the Lebanon Square area, when we find a place in Moamen we find the bridge’s rise, and it can also be taken Micro buses line the October and Hyper lines, and get off in front of the Mall of Arabia, and also from the Tahrir region, and you can take the micro buses of the October and Hyper lines, so we reach the Mall of Arabia.

Shopping festival in Mall of Arabia

Since the opening of the Mall of Arabia, a shopping festival is held every year, in which all the shops dealing with famous brands in the mall participate, and this festival includes a large number of cultural and artistic events in addition to the entertainment shows, and we also find a large number of competitions, and this begins. The festival starts from the fifth of March, and runs until the ninth of April of each year.

The aim of this festival is to stimulate tourism in the country, as well as the marketing movement, and therefore those in charge of managing this festival seek to offer a number of gifts that are distributed directly to the customers and visitors of the mall, especially those offers that are made through purchase with a certain financial value or as a sentence For a number of purchasing coupons, so that the buyer gets a good gift directly, and we also find valuable prizes, which culminate in its last day with two cars.

The popularity of this festival seemed to be increasing, as we find many artistic concerts that are presented by great artists and stars from Egypt and the Arab world, and even some foreign shows.
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