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Manama area

The Manama area is one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Bahrain took it as its capital in 1971 after independence from the United Kingdom. The area of ​​Manama is 27.48 square kilometers, and more than 360,000 people live on that area. Therefore, Manama is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Its location

The Manama area is located on the northern coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain, along the city of Muharraq from the western side, and Manama is linked to a bridge between it and Sitra Island. For the taxi.

Its history

Many civilizations passed through the city of Manama, due to its distinguished location. Among the most important civilizations it has been through:

  • Portuguese civilization occupied in 1521 AD.
  • The Safavid state that seized it in 1602 AD.
  • The Al Khalifa enters the city and exiles the Safavids from it in 1783 AD.

Its economy

The city of Manama is considered one of the most economically thriving cities, due to the availability of many job opportunities in all economic fields, whether commercial, agricultural, educational, or other. In 2015, the city was ranked as one of the best cities in the region in all fields, and the fourth at the level of the Middle East and North Africa. It also ranked third in the Middle East and North Africa region in the field of workers’ rights.

Tourism in it

There are many museums, archaeological sites, and entertainment hotels in Manama, which attracted many tourists from all over the world, and this led to its choice of the Arab Tourism Capital in 2013 AD, and the Capital of Asian Tourism in 2014. Among the places that serve tourists in Manama are:

  • Luxury hotels are classified as five-star, and the most famous are: the Gulf Hotel, the Sheraton Hotel, and the Diplomat Hotel.
  • Large cities for games and amusement parks, where adults exploit them to entertain their children, and the most important of these are: Water City for Games, Water City and Wahooo, and Ain Adari Games City.
  • A group of high-end tourist resorts, such as the Novotel Al Dana Resort and the Palace of the Arabs, in addition to many cafes and restaurants.

Its neighborhoods and villages

  • Saif suburb, one of the new areas located in the north of the city.
  • Sanabis, which is one of the well-known suburbs in the city of Manama, because it contains the largest population.
  • Old country; it is one of the most important suburbs in the city of Manama, due to its great history in the region, and was once the center of all authorities.
  • Zinj, Qudaibiya, Ghuraifa, Salmaniya, Hoora, and others.

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