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Souq Waqif site

The Souq Waqif is considered one of the most important traditional markets in the State of Qatar, specifically in the Qatari capital, Doha, and it is considered one of the important landmarks of tourism in the country.

This market is distinguished by the fact that it combines its original and historical flanks with the modern city, and it is considered a heritage landmark, as it is impossible for any tourist to visit the State of Qatar except for this market, to enjoy its features, and also to shop from it, where it is famous that it includes many heritage works and popular works if it is Of decorative daggers in which the city is famous or clothes that take the old heritage character, and since it is considered one of the most vital places in the city of Doha, we find in it many restaurants that mainly serve Arabic coffee, popular Arabic dishes, especially traditional dishes that are bought T in which the State of Qatar, and we find many of the dishes known in the Middle East, in addition to western eating.

Rituals and practices in the waqif market

This market has its own timing for opening and closing, as we find it opens its doors to visitors on a daily basis at ten o’clock in the afternoon, and it continues until twelve o’clock in the afternoon, to re-open its doors again at four o’clock in the afternoon and continues until ten o’clock in the evening, where it closes its doors until the next day However, despite the fact that the shops are closed through working hours and working hours, we find that most restaurants are never closed, but we receive their customers 24 hours a day.

Most restaurants and cafes in the Waqif market (shisha) or as it is also called the traditional hookah are offered there, and in some places there are programs in which popular music and dances are offered in the country, so we find that there are also some festivals that are concerned with Qatari folklore, and such festivals are under the supervision of the Culture Authority And heritage in the state, and we find some photographers who take photos of tourists in the souvenir market, in addition to photographing donkeys, which are illustrated by the ornate deterrence that is famous in this region, where donkeys and horses can also be rented for their rides and touring this market.

The reason for naming the market

The designation of Souq Waqif came according to the specialists in the Qatari heritage, to the fact that the sellers were usually standing in this market along its flanks from its beginning to the end that leads to the Greater Doha market, to sell their products, which were mostly fish, some foodstuffs, spices, honey and dates, and also we find clothes.

Markets that are branched from the Waqif market

In the Souq Waqif, there are several small markets branched from it, where we find the gold market, which we find a year of handcrafted gold craftsmanship with precision and professionalism in its manufacture, and also we find another branch, the Falcon Market, which displays the most important breeds of this type of bird, and this market has been renewed through Its modernization processes in terms of its design and construction, however, thanks to the recommendation of the Emir of Qatar at the time Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, it is still preserved for its originality and heritage because of its great role in giving a full idea of ​​the country’s heritage and history.


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