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The Mauritius Islands are part of the Mascarine Islands, located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, and away from eastern Madagascar in the Indian Ocean 800 kilometers, and the area of ​​the Mauritius Islands 2030 square kilometers of land, and ten square kilometers of water, and a total area of ​​2040 square kilometers , And its population is 131,305, according to the 2012 statistics.

Economy of the Mauritius Islands

The Mauritius Islands have witnessed a remarkable economic transformation since its independence in 1968, as its economy shifted from an economy dependent on low-income agriculture to a diversified economy dependent on the growing financial, industrial and tourism sectors with a middle income, and this growth in the economy resulted in a reduction in infant mortality, and an average increase Life expectancy and infrastructure improvement.
The economy of the Mauritius Islands is currently dependent on clothing, tourism, textiles and sugar. Sugar cane is grown on almost 90% of the cultivated land area and represents 11% of exports and financial services. Investment in the banking sector has reached more than one billion dollars, and is not limited to The economy of the islands is based on this, but it also thrives in various fields, the most important of which is the development of hospitality and property, fish farming, and information and communication technology.

History of the Mauritius Islands

The Arabs knew the islands of Mauritius in the tenth century, but they did not settle there. In 1507, the Portuguese sailors entered the island, and the Dutch took control of it in 1638 and named it Prince Maurice Van Nassau. In 1710 the French controlled the sugar industry there, and Britain occupied the Mauritius islands in In 1810, it expelled hundreds of people from the Chagos Archipelago and sent many to Mauritius to make way for a US military base in Diego Garcia in 1966, and the Mauritius Islands declared their independence in 1968, and in 1992 the islands became a republic.

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