Where is the Morris Islands located?

المسافرون العرب

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The Morris Islands or Mauritius is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and it consists of a group of isolated small islands in the middle of the ocean. Among all of its constituent islands, its population is about 1,078,000 people, and the Morris Islands are characterized by its volcanic nature, as its lands are devoid of high elevations, where the highest elevations are Montenegro Hill and 827 meters above sea level, and its climate is characterized by tropical temperance and abundant amounts of precipitation Of rain water on him Which contributed to the formation of forests in some regions, which attracted many tourists to the island.

the climate

The climate in the Morris Islands is characterized by its tropical nature due to its warm location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where the temperatures in most days of the summer are relatively warm to warm with the appearance of some hurricanes, while the winter season is between mild and cold with continuous precipitation, especially in the first months From the winter.


More than half of the island’s inhabitants are those who believe in Hindu religion, while those who follow the Christian religion make up a third of the population, while the rest of the islanders are Muslims and atheists.

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Agriculture is the main source of income for the residents of the Morris Islands, and one of its most famous crops is sugar cane, where its farms are spread in more than half of the land area of ​​the islands in addition to the cultivation of tea and tobacco, in addition to some foreign companies providing new job opportunities in the last decade by encouraging Fishing and seafood processing on these islands. Tourism that has been growing in recent decades has also played an important role in raising the country’s national income.

Historical development

The first to discover the Morris Islands is the Portuguese traveler Mascarenhas in the year 1505 AD and named it after his name Mascarenes, then the Netherlands in 1598 sent a naval fleet to these islands to create a colony there, and they had the first credit for developing the agricultural field on the lands of the Morris Islands Fertile, where they cultivated sugar cane and the development of animal and plant wealth therein, and in 1915 France occupied these islands and constructed their coasts, Port Louis, which became the capital later, and after the fall of the French armies, Britain took control of it, and in 1968, the independence of the islands was declared Morris on Britain The establishment of the Republic of Morris in 1992 M.q

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