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Wadi Namar

Wadi Namar is a well-known park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is characterized as one of the family parks that is characterized by calm, and contains beautiful and distinctive views, and one of its most prominent features; the presence of an artificial lake with a corniche, which visitors stroll around, which is of large size, as the park provides a bus to transport Visitors from the lake to the Corniche and vice versa, and one of the most important activities that can be practiced in the park, is to enjoy watching the different types of birds and fish closely, which is a prominent tourist attraction that attracts visitors to it from different regions.

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Wadi Namar is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the capital city (Riyadh), specifically on Al-Tirmidhi Street between Exit 24-25 in the Nammar neighborhood on the western ring road, which is located in the southern side of the city of Riyadh, and Wadi Namar is a new park established by His Highness The royal prince of the Riyadh region; His Highness Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz, where he founded the lake and is the main landmark in the park, accredited and assisted by the Wadi Namar Dam in this matter.

Lake Nammar area

The area of ​​the lake that gives a pleasant atmosphere to the atmosphere of the park is two hundred thousand square meters, and its depth is approximately twenty square meters, while its length reaches two thousand square meters, which is a large and enjoyable area. The Namar Park also contains huge parking lots where it can line up Nearly eight hundred cars. Beautiful dirt paths have been created that extend between trees and high-rise rocks, so that these paths reach approximately nine hundred meters, and are dedicated to walking and enjoying the scenery surrounding the pedestrian path during exercise.

It is noteworthy that the park is equipped with all necessary services for visitors, so there are seats overlooking the lake in large numbers, as the stalls are spread along the length of the Corniche, which reaches approximately two kilometers, this park is one of the most famous tourist attractions to which visitors are attracted in Riyadh, not Especially on holidays and vacations.

This region receives great attention and a clear endeavor for development, as it is subject to a huge environmental development project that includes the entire region, aimed at protecting and enriching the vegetation cover. The palm trees on both sides of the valley are completed in huge numbers, and some other types of trees. There is an interest in arranging the course of torrents and preserving them, and preparing Roads and paving, construction of a special corridor to facilitate services, regulate traffic, spread instructional awareness, provide adequate lighting, and many other services.

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