Where is the palace of Versailles

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European palaces

The European continent is considered one of the continents of the ancient world, where many different civilizations and nations lived on it, and each left its residual impact to this day, so we find that the majority of European countries are characterized by huge ornate architectural buildings, such as churches and castles, in addition to the palaces scattered in most European countries. Peterhof Palace in Russia, Windsor Palace in Britain, Schonbrunn Palace in Austria, and the Escurle Palace in Spain, and in addition to all these wonderful palaces, there is another palace that is one of the most important palaces in Europe, which is the Palace of Versailles, which will be the Arab travelers this article.

Palace of Versailles

This palace is located in the French suburb of Versailles, which is located in the western side of the capital Paris and 25 kilometers away from it, where it was before the construction of this palace and one of the simple villages in France, but after its construction it became one of the important and rich suburbs in France, and the Palace of Versailles is considered One of the most important and largest royal palaces in the world, which indicates the sophistication and luxury of French urbanism, whether in its external form and size, or in its furniture, antiques and paintings inside it, or because of its historical symbolism and revolutionary events that took place in it, where it was called the “cradle of freedom”.

Versailles building

The Palace of Versailles was built for the first time in 1624 AD, at the time of King Louis XIII, and it was initially intended to be a break for the king during the hunting and sniping operations in which he performed in the jungles of Versailles, and was in the form of a small house built with red bricks, and in the year 1632 AD King Louis XIII purchased the lands surrounding his small rest, and ordered that it be expanded, but this house was converted into an actual palace during the reign of King Louis XIV in the year 1682 AD, where he lived with his family, and with the rest of the French ruling families and servants, until it is said that this palace It accommodated more than twenty thousand people.

Versailles after the French Revolution

For several decades the palace continued to be the main seat of royal rule in France, and many kings ruled in it, but the last king to live in this palace was Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, who were executed in the French Revolution in Uncle 1789 AD, and many antiques and paintings were sold Existing in it, the palace was closed permanently in the year 1833AD, but King Philip announced it as a museum in the year 1837 AD, and moved the place of rule to France, and it is worth noting that the palace was named from the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Internal and external Versailles landmarks

  • The palace houses three floors with an eighty meter facade.
  • It contains the Hall of Mirrors, which includes seventeen mirrors surrounded by arches, each of which contains twenty-one additional mirrors.
  • It includes many beautiful gardens with an area of ​​eight hundred hectares, and includes many trees and plantations.
  • It contains many beautiful fountains like the Latona Fountain and Apollo.

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